Kiddidoo Uses Crowd Funding to Launch Their New Range of Lifestyle Kid's Travel Trolleys


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- In the past, companies would need to get investment from a bank, a venture capital firm, or a large private investor to branch out into a new project. However, the Internet has now opened up “crowd funding” opportunities where large numbers of the general public can contribute small amounts to fund new ventures that interest them. Hundreds of new projects have been funded through Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and other crowd funding sites.

One company that is taking advantage of this new funding method is, a Miami Beach based children’s rain and travel gear company. Kiddidoo are using IndieGoGo to ask the public to help launch Kiddidoo travel trolleys.

The Kiddidoo travel trolleys are intended for boys and girls aged 2-6. The colorful character designs were hand drawn by a respected Belgian designer. These 16-inch hard shell travel trolleys come in four different designs, each with friendly characters such as a ladybird, a bee, a frog or a panda.

They are a perfect size for airline carry on luggage, and they fit within FAA approved sizes. They are also perfect for school, and the hard shells are durable enough to be used on a regular basis to protect the contents from all weather conditions.

Supporters of the IndieGoGo campaign get to receive their Kiddidoo travel trolley before the general public, at a substantial discount on the retail price.

A spokesperson for the site said: “I’ve always dreamed about making extremely cool stuff for younger kids to enjoy, with bright colors and friendly characters that children can relate to and connect with. I also wanted to make them out of the very best materials that money can buy, so that kids can enjoy the products and parents can feel good about the durability, the safety and the value for money we provide. Here at Kiddidoo we’ve worked incredibly hard over the last year on creating these fantastic designs and organizing how we will get them into production. Now we need your help to start the process. Supporting us through IndieGoGo is the cheapest and fastest way to obtain one of these products, so if you’ve fallen in love with these designs as much as we have then we’d appreciate your support with getting them in the hands of the little people they are designed for.”

Kiddidoo Ltd USA, based in Miami Beach FL, is a children’s rain and travel gear company. All designs are unique with a focus on style and durability to make the ultimate lifestyle accessory for kids.

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