Kidney Cleanse for Improving Kidney Disease


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- When it comes to kidney cleanses there are various cleanses in the market place. However, majority of kidney cleanses on the market can have a negative impact if someone has kidney disease. The reason is because most cleanses are made from fruits and vegetables that have high amounts of potassium. When there are high amounts of potassium it puts additional stress on the kidneys that contribute to further damage to the body.

Therefore, when someone uses a properly designed kidney cleanse for kidney disease it should be low in potassium, protein, and sodium .This provides a benefit that helps sweeps away poisonous toxins and alkalizes the body.

Robert Galarowicz N.D. is offering a free report and free videos that teach people how to use a proper kidney cleanse to improve kidney function and improve kidney disease. The report and videos also contain foods to eat that heal the kidney, supplements to consume and more kidney healing treatments.

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Kidney Cleanse For Improving Kidney Disease

Here is more of what is included in this free report:

- 2 Superfoods that can reverse kidney cell damage. These foods are so healing to the kidneys they should be included in the diet everyday …

- 3 natural supplements that are a must for anyone with kidney disease. They will control phosphorus levels, protect the heart which is commonly affected when there is kidney problems and more …

- The tropical fruit that is toxic and will damage an injured kidney …

- A Special Report: The All Natural Daily A.M and P.M. Daily Cleanse Routine Designed Specifically For Kidney Disease … this cleanse is so powerful it will do amazing things for kidney health …

- The fiber that sweeps away kidney damaging toxins popular in Middle Eastern medicine for treating any kidney disease or chronic kidney disease ...

- A very popular beverage in America that accelerates the loss of kidney function ..

- The animal protein to avoid that puts further stress on the kidneys ..

It is important to understand the consequences of not doing something about kidney disease. If kidney disease progresses to stage 3, 4 or 5 it is highly likely people will start to experience many symptoms.

Below are some of the symptoms of kidney disease:

Changes in urinary function: The first symptom of kidney disease is changes in the amount and frequency of ones urination.

Swelling: Kidneys remove wastes and extra fluid from the body. When they are unable to do so, this extra fluid will build up causing swelling.

Skin rashes and itching: Kidney failure causes waste build-up in the blood. This can causes severe itching and skin rashes.

Nausea and vomiting: The build-up of waste products in ones blood in kidney disease can also cause nausea and vomiting.

Difficulty or pain during voiding: Sometimes people have difficulty or feel pressure or pain while voiding.

Blood in the urine: This is a symptom of kidney disease which is a definite cause for concern.

Extreme fatigue: The kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin which helps make red blood cells that carry oxygen. In kidney disease lower levels of erythropoietin causes decreased red blood cells in the body resulting in anemia.

These symptoms are not something a person wants to experience therefore it is important to start doing something to improve the health of the kidneys and a kidney cleanse designed for kidney disease is an excellent place to start.

Learn about how to kidney cleanse with the free information by clicking the link below:

Kidney Cleanse For Improving Kidney Disease

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