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Kidney Disease Diet - Reversing Kidney Disease Through Natural Means


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2013 -- What type of natural foods to eat for kidney patients has been recently made public last month by the leading site Emax Health. The published article entitled “What food is best for people with kidney disease” was in parallel to last March’s affair dubbed as the National Kidney month.

The pair of kidney's functions primarily to filter bloods removes wastes also through filtration and regulates electrolytes and fluid balance. As the kidney continues to do its filter the waste, urine is formed then later expelled out from the body. Last month’s drive emphasized the information drive which aimed to reverse kidney disease through natural means.

In a related site, also published earlier an article entitled “Natural Food to Cure Kidney Disease." The article made mentioned the several widely available fruits to repeal a disease condition in the kidney. It suggested the consumption of pineapple fruit because it contains a natural enzyme called bromelian. The said enzyme according to the website inhibits kidney inflammation. Furthermore, the enzyme reduces the amyloid – it is starchlike protein that is deposited in the kidneys, liver, spleen and other tissues. The accumulated of this protein can lead to amyloidosis or abnormal protein buildup. In an article by the Mayo Clinic, amyloidosis is a rare disease of unknown cause.

Furthermore, the website also included berries. Consuming strawberry, blueberry and raspberry are beneficial for the renal or kidneys. The said fruit also inhibits inflammation because its contents. These berries, according to the website, contain anthocyanins, which prevent the kidney to get inflamed. Aside from this property, the berries also contain high vitamin C properties, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and manganese. Meanwhile, the fruit raspberry also contains high levels of antioxidants, which help boost the immune system.

Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally - #1 Recommended Kidney Diet

In a published journal from the British Journal of Urology dated 2003, as mentioned by the Livestrong website, eating and drinking cranberries is effective in treating UTI or urinary tract infection. The said fruit and juice contain high levels of vitamin C, anthocyanins, potassium, sodium and phosphorous. In addition to UTI treatment, the cranberry juice or fruit can also prevent kidney stone formation, and it dissolves renal stone if present, according to the British Journal. However, cranberries are “considered only safe to an acute urinary tract infection case” the site made mentioned. “It may cause unseen side effects for patients with long-standing renal disease” per Livestrong site.

In a related research related to the kidney diet article, the published articles from Natural News entitled “Top Five Herbs that Promote Kidney Health," the news article made mentioned the top herbs used globally to help reverse the kidney disease condition. Drinking Java tea leaves or Orthosiphon aristatus (Lamiaceae) leaves prevents kidney stone formation. This tea is listed in the pharmacopoeia or book that contains the official list of medical drugs and their formulation and preparation in Indonesia, France, and Switzerland and in Netherlands. Java tea leaves contain flavone and glycoside. The latter contains anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer properties as well anti-diarrhea and the former contains a large amount of volatile oil and potassium. Java tea leaf is also a diuretic drink.

Among the other natural herbs that were mentioned in the Natural News published articles were, Cough grass (Agropyron repens (Gramineae), which according to Mr. Kirk Patrick, the writer of this article, treats UTI, cystitis and urethritis. Secondly, drinking Green Tea - Camellia sinensis (Zingiberaceae) also prevents the formation of kidney stones because of its natural compound called polyphenois or plant oxidants. The natural properties of the tea also include anti-inflammatory, and it has anti diuretic properties, which promotes urination.

Moreover, the other herbs that were mentioned in the article entitled, “Top Five Herbs that Promote Kidney Health,” were Rehmania - Rehmannia glutinosa (Scrophulariaceae) or in Chinese “di-huang” and Uva ursi. The Rehmania’s root is used as kidney tonic. According to the article, the Rehmania has the following natural properties; phytosterols it is believed to have a cholesterol-lowering effect, although there are no scientific studies yet to support this claim most especially for cardiovascular diseases. Lastly, the herb Uva ursi - Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Ericaceae) is also known as “bearberry” can also help in reversing acute kidney disease. According to the published article from Natural News, this herb is one of the “best urinary antiseptics.” Its main function is to disinfect the kidneys, but expectant moms are cautioned when using this herb.

However, according to Medline Plus, in one of their published articles centered on chronic kidney disease, changes in the diet are a must. In their article, it suggested diet plans for patients suffering from a chronic renal condition, and these are; to limit fluids, eat a low-protein diet, to curb on sodium (salt), potassium and phosphorous, calcium, chloride and magnesium intake. Too much intake of these foods is not beneficial for the body as the kidneys are impaired, and it can no longer do its main function, which is to filter and eliminate wastes hence; fluid accumulations can occur.

Here at Reverse Kidney Disease Dot Info we strive to provide the most accurate information about kidney disease diets. However, you should consult with your physician before starting any diet regiment at all. For more information in the cure of kidney disease via natural diet, you can visit for more details.