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New Corrective and Healing Kidney Disease Diet


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Since the age of 22, Rob has suffered from Chronic Kidney Disease, or CKD, putting him on dialysis for almost 3 years. He has also been living with a kidney transplant for 9 years.

“Chronic kidney disease and renal failure is a HORRIBLE disease to suffer from. The symptoms can range from fatigue, sleepless nights, depression… to an end of urination, not being able to do daily tasks like cleaning your house and even death”, says Robert Galarowicz.

Robert said he was told he only had about 10 years to live after being diagnosed due to complete kidney failure. He vomited every day for 3 months, with paralyzing fatigue, and suicidal depression. All this lead to him ending up in a hospital in a nearly renal failure induced coma. And the thing about dialysis is once it’s started, it’s for life.

Rob ended up becoming a nutritionist and naturopath after receiving a kidney transplant from a cadaver. He worked with doctors, using both new research and information he’d gathered from his own experiences, to create a program for kidney patients that would help them immensely.

The program provides a step-by-step and incredibly in depth plan consisting of a diet, supplements, lifestyle, and other natural treatments that will certifiably improve the life and kidney function of these patients

The fact Rob lived through CKD made his practice stronger as he was and is able to connect with other patients with similar issues on both a personal and professional level, thus providing better care. And the reviews from doctors and patients that he has worked with seem to support this claim, as well as the effectiveness of the program itself.

Rob says that the close research he did with doctors and actual sufferers of Chronic Kidney Disease have allowed him a completely effective program that has left him extremely proud.

You can read more about the program here:

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