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Kids Sharpen Their Math Skills With Free Games from MathGamesHQ.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2012 -- Many studies have shown kids who practice their math skills outside of the classroom exhibit higher test scores in the subject at school than those who do not.

Given the popularity and easy accessibility to the Internet, parents are taking to the web to help sharpen their kids’ skills with math games online. The games are not only fun, but can evoke a sense of accomplishment and boost a child’s self-esteem, not to mention their grades.

For parents looking for a top-notch website full of innovative and entertaining math games, the recently redesigned website MathGamesHQ.com offers a host of free and engaging math games for kids. The updated site features a cleaner design with user-friendly navigation and fast load times so kids can play their favorite math games with ease. Whether looking for the usual “solve the math problems in 60 seconds” games, or one that puts a child in an interactive classroom, MathGamesHQ.com features a wide-ranging selection.

It can be extremely frustrating for both the child and parent when they are having a tough time with their math lessons or homework. Adding some fun to the equation with online math games may just be the winning solution to help a child gain their confidence back and learn in the process.

To help parents and kids figure out what games to try first, MathGamesHQ.com features a Top 10 list.

According to the site, “Our Top 10 math games for kids list is an excellent place to start. Only the best, most interesting, and educational math games for kids make it to our top 10 list. Along with that, this list is also updated every month making sure you are always 'in-the-know' of what's hot in the 'math games for kids' genre!”

On this list and throughout the site, people will find a variety of different types of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math games. From Arithmetic Challenge, which hones children’s basic math skills, to Math Test, which challenges kids to answer as many questions correctly as they can within 60 seconds, there is something for every child at a range of age levels.

Additionally, the site allows kids to spark up a little friendly competition with its scoreboards where they can boast their latest high scores.

To start playing now or for more information, visit http://MathGamesHQ.com

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MathGamesHQ.com showcases the top online math games for kids. Kids can practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills for free through fun math games. MathGamesHQ.com is a kid-friendly site and updated frequently with the latest educational math games.