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Kids Yoga Stories Announces Release of New More Yoga Cards for Kids


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2016 -- Giselle Shardlow, founder of Kids Yoga Stories, announced that the company has released its second deck of cards, More Yoga Poses for Kids Cards, available for purchase now.

"Our mission is to integrate learning, moving, and having fun," said Shardlow. The More Yoga Poses for Kids Cards offer 25 illustrated poses and 25 matching keyword images that make yoga fun, improve motor skills, and encourage self-expression for youngsters. The poses can be mixed and matched for continued innovative learning experiences. The yoga cards feature categories encompassing travel, camping, and animals, and each deck includes a yoga pose index and yoga pose instructions.

Yoga cards for kids provide children with clear images of how to practice the poses pictured on the cards. Studies have demonstrated that children learn better when activities are presented to them as a game, and the newest offering from Kids Yoga Stories enables children as young as two years old to learn in creative ways while remaining active.

Yoga for children is less structured than the adult version, and it emphasizes creativity rather than perfectly aligned yoga postures. The selected poses in the More Yoga Poses for Kids Cards are easy for children to grasp, focusing on connecting movement with learning. Yoga cards for kids provide parents with a primer with yoga games designed to be fun and maintain a child's interest by incorporating many movements that come naturally to youngsters.

The More Yoga Poses for Kids Cards pack offers parents a fun, innovative approach to teaching their children yoga, which can set them on a lifelong path of movement, ability, and health. The yoga cards are an important learning resource that can go anywhere—on trips to the beach or camping.

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Founder, author, and owner Giselle Shardlow is a certified yoga instructor and a former primary school teacher in Australia, Canada, Guatemala, and the United States. She holds a Masters of International Education, and her mission is to bring education, health, and happiness to children worldwide.

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