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KidsCreationToLife Leverages 3D Printing Technology and Custom Handmade Plush Toys to Inspire Innovation in Young Children

New service transforms kids’ original artwork into 3D color prints, custom handmade plush toys


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2016 -- As their name implies, the KidsCreationToLife team works to bring children's artwork to life, and they do this by leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing technology and custom handmade plush toys with the aim of inspiring innovation in young children.

KidsCreationToLife offers two options for parents and educators who want to transform kids' and students' original artwork into tangible art. The first option offers custom-made 3D color prints, and the second option offers custom handmade plush toys. Both services are priced at $69. A recently published video explains more about KidsCreationToLife and the creative process.

The first step for parents or educators is to capture a picture of a child's artwork or drawing and upload it to KidsCreationToLife. Then, the company's team designs and creates life-like creations.

KidsCreationToLife aims to inspire ingenuity and innovation in young children, giving them the inspiration to imagine new things that can then be transformed into the 3D, physical world.

According to the KidsCreationToLife team, "We would like to help children visualize what they have drawn into the physical world...Through the service we offered, I believe we are able to realize our kids' innovation."

At the KidsCreationToLife website, parents and educators can learn more about the company's mission. In addition, they can view a gallery of recent creations, peruse a FAQ section, and learn more about how the ordering process works. Ordering can also be seamlessly conducted online.

The new service offers a platform for children who want to flex their creative muscles and see their creations come to life. Whether as a school art project or an at-home after school fun activity, KidsCreationToLife has received positive feedback from parents, educators, and children who've used their services. More information can be found at

About KidsCreationToLife
KidsCreationToLife brings children's artwork to life with two exciting options: 3D color prints and custom plush toys made from their handmade artwork.


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