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KIKTEC Launches Muzegg to Listen to Music Everywhere

Bluetooth Speaker Muzegg to Stay Connected Anytime and Anywhere


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- KIKTEC has recently launched a project named Muzegg which is a wireless Bluetooth device that connects easily to computers, tablets and smart phones. It is basically an egg shaped music box with a variety of features. Now music lovers can enjoy music anywhere in the world as this device is conducive to water, sand and humidity.

This portable device is available in six different colors and it can be safely used on beaches and even in the shower. It is compatible with all devices that operate on Android system. The all new Muzegg has several attractive features which include easy connectivity, suction cup mount and high sound quality. It is a small, multi functional device with various features. It can be used as a Bluetooth device as it can be connected to smart phones without any hassles. There are options to operate this device with a smart phone.

Apart from the trendy and colourful appearance displayed by this wireless device, it has a water-proof speaker based on advanced technology. It also presents an incredible sound quality with its high tech speakers. It magnifies the experience of listening to music.

Muzegg is designed with a suction cup that allows the device to stick on wall, shower, computers, phones and so forth. It has a hands-free operation facility which allows the users to stay connected with the world anytime and anywhere.

Based on the website, "We feel all these descriptions make us incredibly qualified to succeed. This coupled with quality service and attention to detail will make us the MUZEGG one of the best designed and performance speaker in the industry."

KIKTEC is conducting a campaign for the all new Muzegg in the market. Music lovers can click on any of the social media buttons and publicize this new product. The company welcomes sponsors and generous supporters to assist in the cost of production. Muzegg is all set to be launched in March 2015 and music lovers around the world can enjoy hands-free music anywhere in the world.

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KIKTEC is a company that is dedicated to design and create a simple but highly advanced music device. With a team of diligent staff, KIKTEC has engineered an exceptional design for a device, known as MUZEGG that is safe, affordable and easy to use.

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