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Robert Kilby Offers Comprehensive Legal Counsel to Reno Area Dog Bite Victims

Information on the legal counsel of Robert Kilby in Reno dog bite related cases.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Robert Kilby offers studious and efficient legal services and representation for Reno area dog bite victims. Reno hospitals treat over 1000 dog bit injuries on an average day. Many of these dog attack victims are not as aware of the rights and responsibilities of the dog owner as they should be before considering litigation. Robert Kilby, of Robert Kilby Law, has a comprehensive knowledge of Reno liability law. Robert uses this extensive knowledge to assist Reno area victims of dog attacks to get the full compensation that is entitled to them. Robert uses a professional, personal and dedicated approach to the law. This approach helps customers cope with the stress of a lawsuit while recovering from a dog attack.

Robert Kilby offers a personalized approach to each and every case. Robert does not believe in handing his cases off to paralegals or less experienced attorneys and oversees each case personally. The first step in dog bite litigation for Robert is to investigate all of the facts surrounding the attack. This includes interviewing everyone involved and every witness that is available. Robert Kilby Law then gathers the ownership and vaccination records from the Reno and Washoe County Health Departments. Robert Kilby Law also regularly subpoenas Reno area veterinarians for records and the dog owner themselves for interviews involving a dog bite incident. This process ensures the facts of each and every dog bite case come to light at trial. This approach ensures a fair and equitable resolution for his clients in every dog bite case.

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