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Workers Compensation Attorney Robert Kilby Law Offers Personalized Service

Robert Kilby of Kilby Law offers outstanding personalized legal counsel.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- Robert Kilby, founder and chief legal representation at Robert Kilby Law takes the time and effort to work personally with each and every client that he represents. Robert approaches every case to make the customer feel at ease like they and their unique troubles are understood and attended thoroughly. With a deep understand of workers compensation law as well as the pain, stress and difficulty many clients go through during a workers compensation case Robert knows the best approach is a personal touch and genuine human compassion while providing top notch legal representation as well. This approach has helped Robert help hundreds of clients through the often difficult process of a workers compensation case. This ensures that while they are attended to personally out of court, they are represented with the talent, knowledge and capability that Robert brings to the courtroom.

Robert has the complex and detailed knowledge of Nevada tort law to make him an exceptional choice of representation in the Reno area. With a deep understanding of both automotive collision law and general business tort law Robert is uniquely suited to a wide variety of workers compensation cases across a broad spectrum of occupations. No one wants to be handed to a paralegal, junior partner or second string lawyer when they are suffering from a workplace injury. That is why Robert Kilby offers exceptional personalized services to Reno area clients. For more information on Robert Kilby Law click here.