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Robert Kilby Offers Unique Customized Service to All Workers Compensation Client

Information on Robert Kilby Law and their workers compensation expertise.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Robert Kilby, head lawyer at the Robert Kilby Law firm of Reno Nevada, offers personalized service to each and every client. Robert has a comprehensive understanding of Nevada workers compensation law and understands that each and every client has a unique case with unique legal needs and requirements. Robert has a firm knowledge of the complexities of Nevada and Reno workers statutes and has won countless litigation cases on behalf of his clients. Not every workers compensation case requires legal assistance. Robert is happy to provide a free consultation service to any client with a Workers Compensation issue that needs examining. The Robert Kilby Law firm is available to all Reno area residents who feel they may need a workers compensation attorney.

Robert Kilby Law values the principle that the client is a unique and individual person with specific needs. That is why Robert oversees workers compensation cases personally and does not hand them off the paralegals or less experienced counsel. This personalized approach keeps clients on the forefront of their own legal needs and informed every step of the way as a case moves forward. Robert will look at all pertinent documentation and the initial statements of the insurance company during a consultation and consider what is best for each individual client. This personalized understanding approach has helped clients cope with both the stressful situation of the injury that workers compensation revolves around. It also ensures they get the appropriate legal representation and counsel to help move forward with the recovery process.

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