Kiley Hanish, Co-Creator with Sean Hanish of the Film Return to Zero, To Appear on Good Grief Radio

The still birth of Sean and Kiley Hanish’ full term son became the ground breaking film, Return to Zero. Minnie Driver, star of the film, was nominated for an Emmy award. Join Kiley and host of Good Grief Radio Cheryl Jones, as they talk about the film and the work Kiley is doing to support women through reproductive losses.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- PHOENIX- The film Return to Zero is based on the life of Sean and Kiley Hanish, who lost their son Norbert when he was stillborn at full term. How do parents cope with such a devastating loss? First, they grieve, deeply and fully. Then, perhaps, they begin to look for ways to redeem that loss. Kiley Hanish has found her life work supporting other women through similar losses. You can hear her interview with host Cheryl Jones live on Wednesday, 10/29/2014 and in archive after that. Hear how she faced the loss, grieved the loss and found the joy in her life again.

Good Grief is a weekly interview show about the transformations which sometimes come from loss and the amazing things people often go on to do with their lives once they have come to terms with loss. Host Cheryl Jones has witnessed these transformations many times in her 3 decades as a grief counselor and in facing her own losses. Be inspired! Hear what courage sounds like! You can find the show at http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/81261/return-to-zero.

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