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Kill or Get Killed: New Book Aims & Fires Spotlight on African Marketing 'War'; Sharing Lessons of Benefit to Any Business or Brand

Masterfully crafted by Kolawole Oyeyemi, ‘Kill or Get Killed: The Marketing Killer Instinct’ takes readers deep into the high-stake African business environment to expose why some dominate, some have a fair chance at battle yet most dramatically fall from grace. Told with Oyeyemi’s unique insight and wit, his analogies of war will empower any business or organization to seek dominance in their own industry.


Mansfield, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- While the United States is renowned for its fierce business environment and abundant opportunities for those who emerge victorious, an equally exciting battle for power and profit is playing out thousands of miles away in Africa. However, most in the west barely give it a second thought.

In ‘Kill or Get Killed: The Marketing Killer Instinct’, Nigeria’s Kolawole Oyeyemi fuses a showcase of the continent’s business talents with a vital marketing education that anyone can learn from.


Kill or get Killed: The marketing Killer Instinct. Author: Kolawole Oyeyemi. A marketing book as you have never known it, and the first of its kind by an African.

Kolawole Oyeyemi's insightful and witty non-fiction, ‘Kill or Get Killed: The Marketing Killer Instinct’, delves into the high stakes African business environment, as the author touches on the marketing intrigues, battles and wars that shaped a lot of brands across industries in Africa.

Kill or Get Killed is a revolutionary marketing classic that borrowed the war metaphor and likened marketing to global politics and wars that are about shareholding struggles. Just as nations struggle for how much share of the world's wealth they control, Brands and organizations go to war for shares too. Mind share, Voice share, Shelf share, Wallet share, Retail presence share, Market volume and value share are all battlefields where brands struggle for supremacy. Marketing wars and battles are fought, won and lost for increase, leadership and control of shares in these various dimensions.

Kolawole submitted in this book that in these wars, you either kill or get killed. Excuses are too costly; you kill first and ask questions later. Meekness is not a virtue for the battlefield. It is not an environment for the fainthearted. Gentlemen cannot survive the terrain. You therefore need a killer instinct to survive the several battles and win the war.

Using some of Africa’s most famous brands and products to illustrate his points, Kolawole Oyeyemi convincingly show why some brands succeed where others fail. He unearths the fatal errors multinational brands commit; and also unveils the success stories of multinational brands that understood the peculiarities of the African business terrain and customized their corporate strategies and mode of operations to maximize value.

The author explains why the future of successful marketing lies in anticipating and nailing the moving consumer target with brands, services and company cultures and philosophies that inspire, include and recognize the values and the ever changing tastes and preferences of the target customers. Featuring an engaging, no-holds-barred wit, case studies and strategic depth, Kill or get killed offers a fresh perspective to marketing practice and is a success toolkit for practicing marketers, brands and companies that want to invest in Africa and entrepreneurs that require marketing knowledge on the go.

“This book highlights an entirely different business world that rarely gets any attention. Western nations tend to dominate the business landscape, but dozens of African countries are leading global trends through creative marketing. The point of this book to share some African marketing philosophies, which are likely to be radically different to those being deployed in the west,” says Oyeyemi.

Continuing, “The great thing is that anyone can use them within their own organization, making my book a vital guide for any business, company or even student. See marketing from a different perspective and prepare to win your industry’s war!”

‘Kill or Get Killed: The Marketing Kill Instinct’ is due for release in July of 2014. For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.kolawoleoyeyemi.com.

About Kolawole Oyeyemi
Kolawole Oyeyemi is a marketing management expert, a strategist, a motivational speaker, and an industry sector leader in Nigeria. He is a marketing management professional with over 23 years wealth of management, marketing, and marketing communications experience; with a track record of successful marketing management practice across industries from a leading multinational FMCG company to telecommunications. After a successful marketing career in the manufacturing and marketing sector, he became and still remains a part of the marketing team that has built the biggest brand born out of Africa.

He holds two leading industry roles as the President of ADVAN (Advertisers Association of Nigeria), and as Chairman of the umbrella body of ‘Heads of All Advertising Sectorial Groups’ made up of all marketing organizations and marketing services supplier groups. He serves as a council member on APCON; Nigeria's advertising practice control body. He has won varying awards in marketing creativity, professionalism and knowledge share in the course of his career. He was Marketing Professional of the year 2012 and Brand Icon of the year 2013.

An accomplished author of four other books, Kolawole is an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria; the Columbia Business School, New York, USA; and the prestigious Lagos Business School, Lagos, Nigeria.