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Killarney Dental Provides a New Smile for Talia Bennett, Miss Universe NZ 2012

Talia Bennett, Miss Universe NZ 2012, credits her success in large part to the new smile she obtained with the help of


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Talia Bennett, Miss Universe NZ 2012, realizes a person's smile is understood across the globe, even when individuals speak different languages, yet felt her smile wasn't all it needed to be before the competition.

As a result, she opted to turn to cosmetic dentistry, opting for replacement of two existing veneers with composite veneers, along with other work. Within just one visit, the Killarney Dental Clinic gives Talia Bennett a New Smile , one which has helped her to achieve success in this field.

"Winning the title of Miss New Zealand is a dream come true, one that may not have been possible without the Miss Universe NZ Cosmetic Makeover," Ms. Bennett proclaims. "Thanks to the new veneers, my smile looks great up close and from a distance. Although others frequently complimented me on my smile, I wasn't satisfied. I felt the look and shape weren't appropriate and my photographer agreed, leading to my visit to Killarney Dental."

Killarney Dental operates under the concept of complete facial aesthetics, working to provide each patient with a smile which complements their unique character and facial makeup. Ms. Bennett recognized her smile wasn't everything it was meant to be and contacted the practice for assistance. Although most would consider her smile to be outstanding, she didn't feel it was, and Killarney Dental understands this affects a person's self esteem.

Dr. Gilbert Stehbens explains the goal with Ms. Bennett was to provide her with a smile that allowed her to confidently represent New Zealand during the Miss Universe competition. From a distance, the problems weren't visible, yet up close one veneer happened to be longer and wider than the other, and one tooth wasn't properly aligned with others and had a visible point. Mottling was another issue affecting Ms. Bennett's smile.

Killarney Dental removed the mottling with the help of micro abrasion, cosmetic buffing, and a tooth mousse. The process used remineralised the tooth surfaces, yet took very little time to complete. In addition, Dr. Stehbens advocated removing the existing veneers and replacing them with composite versions for stunning results. Only one appointment was needed, and yet the results were outstanding, leading to Ms. Bennett being voted the number one beauty in the Global Beauties Face of the Universe competition.

Not everyone requires a Miss Universe NZ Cosmetic Makeover, yet Killarney Dental helps all in need of dental work to improve their overall appearance.

"Ms. Bennett required very little work on her teeth, and Killarney Dental was more than happy to assist her. Clients in need of more work find that Killarney Dental may be of assistance to them also. Whether one needs sculpting, gum contouring, teeth whitening, or implants, staff members strive to help them achieve their goals. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, and Killarney Dental remains committed to providing the desired services at reasonable prices," Dr. Gilbert Stehbens declares.

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