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Kimberly H Has Released a New Youtube Video About How Many Calories a Woman Needs Per Day in Order to Lose Weight


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2015 -- Kimberly H has released a new youtube video about how many calories a woman needs per day in order to lose weight. In her video she also shares how she lost the first 16 pounds and her future weight loss goals.

When she decided that she wanted to lose weight, Kimberly didn't know anything about what to eat to lose weight or how to exercise, so she spent a little time on Google.

She searched for weight loss tips and weight loss workouts, and she even read reviews and testimonials to get inspired.

In her searches one name appeared very often: Aline Pilani, so she decided to search for her on Facebook and that's how she found her workout videos.

She also received a few diet plans, workout videos and training videos for free and now in her new youtube video she shares them with her viewers. People interested in getting them for free, can go watch her video and get them for FREE!

After a while, after she studied all the free materials, she decided to buy Aline's program and join her Facebook group dedicated to helping people who want to lose weight and need support.

After 1 month spent in the weight loss group, Kimberly knew so many things about weight loss, daily calorie deficit and how many calories are required a day to drop 1 pound per day, that she decided to create a video in which she would help people in need of weight loss advices.

So, she decided that the most important aspect a person must look at while on a weight loss program is the amount of calories he or she consumes and how to structure those calories. So based on what worked for her, Kimberly recorded a youtube video and has now gone viral, and have been watched by thousands of people already.

About Kimberly H.
Kimberly H. is the woman behind our company and she is determined to teach people all about how many calories is required for weight loss

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