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Kinan City Introduces New Residential Area in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia


Semarang, Central Java -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2013 -- Kinan City introduces new residential area in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. The said residential area provides more comfort and convenience for families who want to stay. There are more interesting things about this new residential area for it is constructed according to the tastes and preferences of each home owner when it comes to selection of their shelter. The place is spacious enough while all the things needed at home including the facilities are made more complete.

Bogor is been a strategic area nearby Jakarta, which is the capital city of Indonesia. The new residential area has the following facilities which are beneficial to the users which include the Mosque dan Islamic Center, ICT and Hotspot Area, underground drainage, 24 hours security system, one gate security system, children’s playground, and jogging track. These facilities are very useful to those who wish to stay in this residential area. They may not be present in other residential areas so it is a special opportunity to be grabbed for it can be limited at certain time.

Kinan City provided its own concept for daily and monthly activities. It is more on building new civilization civil society, smart with best competence and personality and translated civil society events. Some of the daily activities include prayer in congregation, Sakinah family studies, and Islamic studies and discussion. For monthly activities, there will be business training and Islamic Sharia-based economy, Islamic leadership and management training, Islamic training media, broadcasting and ICT, personal development training, and training society. These activities help promote good connection with the family members and the society.

Kinan City aims to let everybody become aware of this latest promotion of new residential area. There may be certain individuals who are seeking for the best place to stay with other wonderful facilities. Everybody is welcome to see this new place and they can inquire any time.

Kinan City is part of perumahan Bogor , West Java, Indonesia and it provides the best residential areas in the place. Most of the facilities are made with quality materials and stylistic enough. It serves as one of the most significant part of West Java, Indonesia which is known to provide the best residential areas in the country.

If interested to see the residential area, please visit the website http://kinancity.com/ . Or simply contact the telephone number 021 8792 5454.