Kindle Book Release: Anti-Aging Therapies Super Foods and More with Mary Hoyer


Willow Springs, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- Anti-Aging Therapies Super Foods and More with Mary Hoyer by Tina Willer is an extensive transcribed interview with Tina Willer (interviewer), and Mary Hoyer, Wellness Consultant (interviewee).  This book covers health modalities Mary used to turn back the clock on herself and her clients such as infrared saunas, inversion therapy, a super food diet and more.

Mary talks about how to antiage, breaking it down to the simplest level. "We are only as young as our cells are".  Then she goes into what we can do to make our cells "more youthful".  Mary healed herself from cancer using some of the alternative health, antiage technologies and the super food diet she talked about during her interview with Tina Willer. She has been feeling more youthful ever since.

In this book "Anti-Aging Therapies Super Foods and More with Mary Hoyer" Mary says:

“When we think about how to AntiAge, what does this mean?  We need to get down to the smallest level of the body, the cell.  How young or old are the cells in your body?  This has nothing to do with your chronological age. You can be a child or you could be an octogenarian.

I have seen some amazing people well into their 80’s and 90’s that put me to shame in my 40’s. In fact, I have been learning to antiage using infrared saunas, other far infrared and near infrared technologies and a super food diet, after going through some serious health problems myself. My once deteriorating health led me to discover some of these powerful new technologies I share with you in this book Anti-Aging Therapies Super Foods and More with Mary Hoyer.

When we talk about the age of the cell and how to antiage, we need to think about basic cell function. It comes down to two (2) very simple functions. To antiage our cells we need to get nutrition and fluid into them and we need to get waste out of them. How quickly and efficiently can our cells do this?

Various cells in our body have different functions. How well are they utilizing the molecules and the nutrition to perform those functions? A Super food diet, infrared saunas and other infrared technology and more discussed in this book, all help our bodies’ function and antiage most efficiently.

When we think about what’s most basic that make us feel good and healthy, we may come up with good nutrition usually included in a super food diet and to a lesser degree in a healthy nutritious diet; sunshine; fresh air; and clean water.  These are the basics." The alternative health technologies discussed in this book combined with the basics are literally high-tech anti-age secrets designed for unimpaired longevity.

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