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Anti-Aging Back Pain Relief Secrets


Willow Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- The Aging Spine | Back Pain Prevention and More with Dr. Hugh Jenkins by Tina Willer explains how back pain, which can become more common as we age, can increase due lack of exercise and improper sitting which are strong culprits most of us are aware of. However we need to take into consideration our whole structural system when wanting to reduce back pain. Our whole body structural system is all our bones, muscles and ligaments. This is what is keeping us erect… keeping us together. The spine is the core of this, then the legs, the arms and the rest of the body branches off.

If you don’t keep your spine limber and hydrated then you can have dis-ease from simple bone pain all the way to osteoporosis. Many people don’t know the importance of water, in reference to the spine and back pain prevention. Dehydration is related to many, many diseases. There are eight (8) causes of disease and number one (1) is dehydration. Most of us need to drink more good, pure alkaline water for back pain prevention and anti-aging.

Through scans that can be done on the body we can pick up what are called bio-energy markers. Energy is the fastest moving part in the body. We can pick up four hundred million impulses per second (400,000,000), of bio-energy markers from the body. When we have a disease it’s gotten into the slowest entity of the body, which is the tissues and the cells. We can pick up beginning diseases beforehand through these scans. If there is a disease starting affecting the energy level to the spine, we can put in a nutritional supplement to stop the potential disease and for more anti-aging. We can start drinking more alkaline water, which can reduce oxidation in the body and thus also increase anti-aging.

The Kindle book, The Aging Spine | Back Pain Prevention and More with Dr. Hugh Jenkins by Tina Willer, is available in English through Amazon Kindle. To learn more about this Kindle Book and to download it, please visit

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Anti-Aging Back Pain Relief Secrets

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