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Kindle Fire Seizes 54.4 Percent of All Android Tablet Sales in the U.S.


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- In just the first four months since its initial release, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has quickly become the most popular Android tablet amongst Americans.

In fact, according to recent statistical data from marketing firm comScore, the Kindle Fire has seized 54.4 percent of all Android tablet sales in the U.S. This by far overshadows Samsung’s Galaxy Tab family which has only 15.4 percent of the Android market, as well as Motorola’s Xoom which has a mere 7 percent share.

As the leading Android tablet on the market, the Kindle Fire continues to attract more and more customers with its host of valuable features and appealing affordable price.

For those people considering whether or not the Kindle Fire is the best option for them, http://www.KindleOwners.com provides insightful reviews as well as a detailed chart comparing each of the Kindle tablets currently available on the market. The blog also features the latest industry news and discusses the ever-growing list of available Kindle accessories, including cases, covers, lights, chargers and more.

Allowing people to read ebooks, surf the web, check email or download a large variety of apps, the Kindle Fire offers a number of new exciting features other Android tablets do not. Amongst its many benefits, the latest Kindle tablet features a touch screen or keyboard option, a full color screen and an advanced web browser.

According to KindleOwners.com, “The addition of the Kindle Fire to Amazon’s family of Kindle tablets has proven to be a success. But in order to decide which one is the best choice for your unique needs, you should compare the seven available Kindle tablets. We provide a wide range of information to help make your decision an easy one.”

The site compares each Kindle’s price, dimensions, screen size, type and resolution, weight, connectivity, battery life, user interface, storage capacity, USB port, audio capabilities, web browser and more. It also allows current Kindle owners to rate the different tablets.

KindleOwners.com also provides tips and tricks for getting the most out of an owner’s Kindle tablet.

For people interested in learning about other Android tablets currently on the market, they can visit http://androidtabletsblog.com.

For more information about the Kindle Fire or other tablets in the Kindle tablet family, visit http://www.KindleOwners.com

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