Kindle Fire User Group Features Christian Fiction "Jesus, Mo and Cheese Puffs" as eBook of the Week


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- San Francisco based Kindle Fire User Group, an independent organization which is open to membership to users of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Fire tablets has featured Author Lisa Boucher’s eBook Jesus, Mo and Cheese Puffs as the book of the week.

Jesus, Mo and Cheese Puffs is a Christian fiction hit among those seeking renewal in their faith in humanity and themselves. The eBook by Lisa follows the journey of an elderly couple, Flo and Mo, as they journey across country to see a surgeon to correct an issue with one of Flo’s eyes, which resulted from a car accident.

“The idea for Jesus, Mo and Cheese Puffs came to me after I had suffered for three years with Graves Disease, and yes, I had bulging eyes,” says author Lisa Boucher. “During that time I was running back and forth to Cleveland from Dayton and I realized how not looking well affected my self esteem. I found myself avoiding people and social situations because I could not stand the way my eyes looked. I wore dark glasses a lot! However, toward the end of the three years, and once my condition began to resolve, I also realized how I had been the one to reject people and social situations. Not one person had rejected me based on my looks. It also dawned on me that trite as it may sound, a beautiful spirit covers a multitude of flaws, and what most people remember is how you treated them, not how you look. I had imposed limitations on myself that ultimately kept me from living my life to the fullest. I realized I was my own worst enemy!”

Jesus, Mo and Cheese Puffs is a story with two central themes. First, it is a book about faith and trust in God. Second, the book is about letting go of issues that are holding one back and remaining open to the possibilities in life that happen when least expected. When Flo purchases a winning lottery ticket, Mo knows what he wants to do with the money – find a surgeon to fix the deformed eye of the woman he loves which has caused her to be overly self-conscious and held her back from enjoying life fully for years. The couple meets a cast of characters during their cross country journey whose faith has been diminished and being the good people they are, Flo and Mo help as many as they can. In the process, Flo learns valuable lessons about her self-worth in spite of her physical deformity.

Jesus, Mo and Cheese Puffs has received rave reviews from readers. One review called Flo and Mo Brown the most unusual, but charming and memorable main characters that will enter and remain in the heart long after their story ends. Another reviewer noted that this story makes the reader stop and think about how often people pass others by that need help, even if only small acts of kindness?

“We are glad to feature Ms. Boucher’s eBook as the eBook of the week,” said Ms. Ann Phipps, a spokesperson for California based independent Kindle Fire User Group. “The independent Kindle Fire User Group was established to serve the needs of users of the Kindle Fire, and bringing such books to them is one way we provide value to our members.”

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