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Kindle Publishing - Self-Publishers Can Get More Exposure

Kindle Publishing – Self-publishers are in the spotlight, but how can they get more exposure?


Kootenai, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Publishers, companies and internet book stores have very high expectations for the digital future of the book industry. A new generation of Readers may, at last, achieve the long awaited break through that lures consumers away from paper and ink.

This has also paved the way for self-publishers. Anyone can write and publish and an ebook. Digital technologies and the internet level the playing field and give every aspiring writer an opportunity to self-publish their works in both hard copy eBook formats.

But how does that book find an audience? The key to success is intention. Every good writer targets their works for a specific readership. They have a clear picture of why they wrote their book, the message they want to deliver to the reader, and the ‘take-away’ what they want the reader to remember or to take away with them.

Times have changed. Today authors have to learn how to market and promote their own books as the competition is stiff, and no one wants to remain hidden from public. And a huge responsibility is on the shoulders of every writer, many are coming to realize that perhaps this is the way it should have been from the start.

But the biggest problem that every publisher is facing today is, every time they publish a book is getting legitimate reviews for their published books. It can be hard to get noticed and found by readers. One thing readers look for are relevant reviews that let them know about the book’s quality and content.

There is now a solution. Publishers Review Accelerator is a brand-new publishing software which finds potential book reviewers with contact information in seconds.

This publishing software automates the task of finding related reviewers on Amazon and searches the entire related book by keywords and locates reviewers and also provides contact information of the reviewers.

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