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Kindle Publishing: Trendy Fad or Revolutionary Media Method?

Michael Rogan, author of the new audiobook "Kindle Publishing Made Stupidly Easy," shares his thoughts on how authors can turn their creativity into an actual full-time career.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Many first-time authors regard Kindle publishing as a golden ticket to fame and riches. But according to Michael Rogan, author of the new audiobook "Kindle Publishing Made Stupidly Eas y" this (relatively) new form of publishing is less get-rich opportunity, and more slow -- but effective -- way for authors to carve out a full-time living as a writer.

"Most writers publish on Kindle that ONE book they've been working on for five years and wait for the world to recognize their true genius," says Rogan. "But it just doesn't work that way. To make any kind of living with writing, you have to more than one book and use them to cross-promote."

For Rogan, the ideal length for a book self published on the Kindle platform isn't the usual 75,000 words that's advocated for traditional publishing -- but instead somewhere closer to 10-15,000 words.

"People don't want long books. Especially when it comes to self publishing," says Rogan. "People want shorter books. That they can read quickly, and remove off their Kindles in no time."

The key to the promotion system Rogan advocates in "Kindle Publishing Made Stupidly Easy" is to create numerous "points of entry" a prospective reader can use to enter the book series.

"Facebook, Twitter, YouTube...other books. Readers should have numerous ways to find you and your books," says Rogan. "Build your platform, write a 3-5 books and have something interesting to say and there's no way you can be stopped in this business."

Something every self published Kindle author dreams of.

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