Kindle Readers Honor Black History Month by Embracing Mystery Book by Talented African American Author

United States Kindle Readers Celebrate Black History Month by Honoring success of innovative African-Americans by embracing talented African American authors’ works, such as Jemir Robert Johnson’s Graphic Novel “Blind Corners.”


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- As with many industries African Americans have had to work a bit longer and harder to gain notice, and the writing industry has proved to be no different. The early published works of most African Americans writers of all genres were published under pen names, and were written from a perspective that would not give the reader a clue of the ethnicity or culture of the author.

By the late 20th century African American authors began to gain respect, and build an industry of their own inside the writing world—but the mystery genre remained a fairly untapped market. African American authors such as Paula L. Woods, Rudolph Fisher, and Pauline E. Hopkins lead the pack in the early to mid 20th century, writing though provoking mystery novels based in black communities.

A noteworthy African American author of the 21st century is Jemir Robert Johnson whose innovative writing is blended with vivid graphic images to provide readers with imagery that takes his writing to the next level.

In his latest book Blind Corners, his main character Jay Nova plays a private detective that can read minds, but her unique ability is not one she can control. Instead Jay becomes a highly sought after “fixer” whose unsolicited insight allows her to help her clients in a manner that they cannot access by anyone other than Jay.

“As we celebrate Black History Month in the United States, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of African American mystery writers that are paving the path for future writers in the still sparse genre.” Said Bonnie Rosales, Coordinator of the San Francisco Bay Area based Kindle Fire User Group, an independent group not affiliated with Amazon.

About “Blind Corners”
Jay Nova is a private investigator with a unique talent; she can read minds. But she can't control when it's triggered, what it reveals, or the blinding pain it causes. The powerful stories in Blind Corners, an illustrated crime collection are Street Sweeper, Cross Pattern, Down the Line, and Pressure Points.

They include slick black and white illustrations and colorful dialogue that will thrust people into the crime-ridden streets where violence and lies are tools of the trade and each moment can be their last.

Kindle version of Blind Corners can be purchased at Amazon’s Kindle Store. A print edition is also available and can be purchased at, Barnes and Noble and other book stores.

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