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Kindle Success Hacks - Business Realities and Insider Secrets – A Literary Agents Self Publishing Guide to Successful Kindle Self Publishing - Released by Tom Morgan


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2016 -- Literary Agent and Book Doctor Tom Morgan has just published "Kindle Success Hacks". Long rumored to be in the making, Kindle Success Hacks, in contrast to the avalanche of "Make a Million with Kindle books" stresses a solid business foundation and a long term career vision.

Commenting on his choice of contents, Mr. Morgan had this to say: "The reality of self-publishing, is that it is a business. Unlike any other, with the advantages of digital publishing.

But those advantages, as substantial and important as they are, don't negate solid business principles.

Another essential consideration for emerging Authors is vision. To succeed they must be committed to a long term career view. Not the fairytale of overnight success."

Asked the obvious question: "Why a book by a Literary Agent?" Mr. Morgan responded: "Who better to address the needs of Authors than someone who does just that on a daily basis?

And what I see on a daily basis, is a significant lack of understanding of the basic essentials needed to create a successful self publishing career.

The majority of Authors focus their creative efforts on the book. That's only 10% of the process. The other 90%, as Guy Kawasaki emphasized in his excellent book, is promotion.

Books that sell themselves - and I'm thinking of the 50 shades series - are exceptions. Rare exceptions. No serious writer who wants to become a successful long term Author would bet their career on an exception.

Gilbert and Sulivan - huge successes in another era - nailed this reality completely in "Ruddigore" when they said: " "You must stir it and strumpet, and blow your own trumpet. Or trust me - you haven't a chance."

When asked if including the phrase "insider secrets" in his subtitle gave the impression that Kindle Success Hacks was another "Make a Million with Kindle book" Mr. Morgan responded: "I don't think so. As the first thing I stress in the subtitle is Business Realities. As to 'Insider secrets' - every industry has ethical,...shall we say 'work arounds' that come only from experience with the industry and it's processes. What I reveal in Kindle Success Hacks are methods to enhance an Authors chances of success that are 100% ethical."

Victoria Hepplewhite, Media Relations