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Kindle Fire Review Website Puts Detailed Tablet Information in the Hands of Consumers


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2011 -- The new Website buykindlefire.org is up and running with comprehensive reviews of the highly anticipated Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. It is the first color tablet offered by Amazon.com and has multiple uses such as reading kindle books, playing music, streaming movies and access to the Amazon App Store.

Announced mere days ago, the Amazon Kindle Fire is currently one of the most hotly anticipated electronic items set to debut in time for the 2011 holiday buying season. While its Kindle namesake was considered overpriced, misunderstood and seemingly outclassed by the iPad, the new Kindle Fire is generating buzz that it stands in a class all its own.

Still, buzz and facts are two different things, so the creators of buykindlefire.org have set out to quash rumors and build facts about the hopefully soon-to-be ubiquitous device. “Our goal with the new Kindle Fire review Website is to provide all of the details of the new Amazon tablet to help people decide whether it is right for them or not,” said the Website’s founder. In addition, we will be sharing with readers where to buy Kindle Fire at the best price as well as providing ongoing articles and tutorials to make the best of the new tablet.”

The new Website goes full meta on Kindle Fire info starting with the support of 18 million format listings that Amazon.com bring to the table as the world’s largest online retailer. From its seven-inch color touch screen and in-plane switching (IPS) technology, to processing power, document support and chemically-strengthened gorilla glass, the Kindle Fire review Website tells consumers and techies all that they need to know. According to the review Website’s founder, that is just the tip of the technological iceberg:

“Although much of this information on the Kindle Fire is contained in various places across the Web, we wanted to create a definitive one-stop review site. Consequently, we’ve included all of the specification such as processor speed, memory storage, connectivity options, security standards, file formats and info about the Amazon Silk Web-page loading time.”

With shipping officially starting on November 19th, 2011, the Kindle Fire review Website also provides a link to the Amazon Website, which is the only place that accepts pre-orders. The Kindle Fire review site also provides a way for readers to contact them via email with any questions, comments or new information they may have learned. “This new tablet is just a fraction of the price compared to currently available tablet computers from Apple, Samsung and LG, so the Kindle Fire will be flying off the shelf with good reason,” said the Website’s founder.

To read the entire review on the Kindle Fire tablet, please visit http://buykindlefire.org