King Athletic Announces 30% off Promotional Sale of Its New Speed Rope for Fitness Training.

Speed Rope by King Athletic will be on a five-day, limited time sale, starting February 13, 2014. The 30% markdown is valid only through Amazon.


Montreal, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- King Athletic, developer of the Speed Rope (, announces today a 5-day sale on with special coupon code (ZEJHBYXK). The company specializes in developing ergonomically efficient fitness tools that can be used in a wide range of settings and help individuals reach their top performance and fitness training goals. The 30% sale will start February 13, 2014 on Amazon. Based on previous Amazon sale statistics, King Athletic announced through its spokesman Benjamin Davies, that the limited stock might sell out well before the completion of the five-day sale on February 13.

The Speed Rope is a 10ft jumping rope, made with a heavy-duty wire cable that ensures its durability. Designed with ergonomic, lightweight handles, the Jump Rope is a fitness accessory for competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts that seek to achieve their peak performance. Its light weight makes sure that longer workouts won't put any strain on one's wrist or hands but rather facilitate them. King Athletic is well aware of how unhampered workouts lead to better results and the Speed Rope is the solution the company offers.

King Athletic spokesman, Benjamin Davies, revealed today the concept that prompted the development of the Speed Cable, "At King Athletic, we wanted to offer a workout prop that could be used equally well by top-tier MMA, boxing and CrossFit athletes and people who want to speed train at home for 5 minutes a day. Its versatility and ergonomic design ensure that it can be integrated in virtually any type of speed training workout and assist people to reach their weight loss and fitness goals quickly."

Jumping rope exercises are timeless and as of late have been brought back to the spotlight due to their popularity with MMA and CrossFit athletes. The Speed Cable is a modern-day version of this traditional exercise that has advanced mechanics to boost athlete performance and training speed. Designed for heavy-duty use, athletes and young people can rely on the Speed Rope to improve their cardio performance and tone up their entire body with a single exercise routine.

Its wire cable assembly ensures the rope doesn't get tangled or bend during workout, enabling the user to increase their workout's speed even more. The Crossfit enthusiasts and anyone else trying to conquer the double unders are the ones who will capitalize on its speed-improving capacity the most. The Speed Rope gives athletes a workout speed boost; it has been tested and proven to help achieve unbroken double unders without the frustration athletes experience when trying to achieve this with other types of jumping rope.

The Speed Rope will be offered on a 30% sale on Amazon, starting Feb 13 and until stock lasts, King Athletic reports.

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