King Athletic Reveals Jump Rope Workout Tips for Improving Muscle Definition This Summer

No one has to feel body-conscious this summer. King Athletic reveals foolproof workout exercise ideas for adding muscle definition and looking great just in time for summer.


Montreal, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- Bikini-ready or not, King Athletic offers last-minute workout ideas for improving muscle definition and toning the entire body with a single, simple workout prop. King Athletic, developer of best-selling jump ropes, Leather Jump Rope and Speed Rope reports that for quick results, people don't really need a personal trainer. By using a single exercise aid, a jump rope, anyone can improve their cardio fitness and tone their body in less than three weeks.

King Athletic recommends sticking to a jump rope workout routine of 20 to 30 minutes a day for 4 days a week. Since jump rope workouts are high intensity they ensure people improve their cardio endurance and tone up in all the right places; calves and thighs, shoulders and upper back.For those interested in picking up the activity, King Athletic is currently planning a 10% sales promotion for its Speed Cable Rope starting Monday, June 23rd exclusive to Amazon customers (, redeemable with promotion code PIM8RVJ4.

There's no set exercise routine people need to follow. They can pick and choose jump rope exercises they feel most comfortable with and perform them in the time span of 20 minutes. Often, such express workouts might seem too easy to be effective but the truth is they are rigorous enough to burn up to 250 calories in 15 minutes and sculpt one's body from head to toe.

Some must-include exercises include the "Figure 8" exercise with or with no jump, the "double unders" in which the individual needs to make two full circles before touching the floor after each jump. Other exercises recommended by King Athletic and which aim at shoulder and calf sculpting are running in place, jumping jacks and alternate foot jump rope exercises.

King Athletic's spokesman, Benjamin Davies commented today, "Not many people know this but jump rope exercises are full-body workouts. They engage large and smaller muscle zones, boost your cardio endurance and since they're high intensity they sculpt your muscles and burn a lot of calories. It's effectively an all-in-one workout."

King Athletic encourages fitness enthusiasts, students, families with their children and gym fanatics to try a 3-week jump rope only workout and see for themselves its many benefits for one's well-being and fitness.

Another tip shared by King Athletic, creator of the Cross-Training jump rope is to not be intimidated by this or any other workout. With a 7 minute warm-up and by gradually increasing the duration of the workout by 5 extra more minutes, people will substantially improve their cardio endurance and notice an improvement in their muscle definition.

King Athletic clarifies that such express workouts need to be accompanied by an active lifestyle and sensible eating schedule for maximum results; not this or any other exercise routine can have results without an overall lifestyle change.

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