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King David: Facts Meet Fiction in Compelling Sci-Fi Story of Conflicting World Views

Written by David Lee Brown, ‘King David’ takes readers on a fictionalized journey through his changing worldview on humanism and evolutionism. While the book has been in the making for many years, ‘King David’ is finally being released to the public and is expected to resonate with readers around the world.


Boone, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- While many books of fiction take their cues from their author’s life, David Lee Brown’s ‘King David’ is the result of a dramatic change in the author’s bold world view.

Brown wrote half of the novel while a back-slidden Christian that accepted current science driven humanism and evolutionism – and the other half after his worldview changed and he became a devout Christian. The result is his powerful book shining two very different lights on an epic dialogue.


The Science Fiction Story...

“King David” is a fast paced science fiction story, with epic battles, galactic conquest by a benevolent King and a timeless love story. The story begins with an average man named David Riley who is thrust into his role as the depository of all the knowledge of an alien race called the Marioda. An amulet not only downloads all of the knowledge of the Marioda into David, but also gives him immense strength, speed, intellectual abilities and powers. David uses these new attributes to defend himself, his family, his world and the entire galaxy. He visits strange planets and people and always tries to do the right thing, but occasionally fails. Through it all, he stays true to himself, his wife and his people.

The Worldview Conflict...

Bob, the writer of the science fiction story, remembers writing the story as a compromised and back-slidden Christian. After Bob is hospitalized and unconsciously relives his science fiction story, he awakens feeling compelled by the Holy Spirit to share his thoughts, research and worldview with his friend Jim. Bob compares his old compromised Christian worldview (in his story) with his current uncompromising Christian worldview, helping Jim to understand the worldview conflict.

As the author explains, his book will help people realize that humanism and evolutionism is a worldview path that leads nowhere.

“This is a stagnant and dangerous thought process that paints a false picture of the past, present and future. Humans are too smart to believe it and one chapter of my book explains why these lifestyles and pseudo-science aren't true or good,” says Brown.

Continuing, “Sharing that the Bible is the ultimate written authority on Earth and that if you live by its precepts, you will have a better life, have a personal relationship with God and eternal life. I explain this with well researched Christian apologetic science and biblical principles.”

With the book’s popularity expected to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘King David’, published by Xulon Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/GIcDKl.

About the Author: David Lee Brown
David Lee Brown is a retired US Navy Hospital Corpsman, IDC, FMF, SW, with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from The George Washington University. He is a Christian, Gideon, Sunday school teacher, and a member of the American Legion, with a passion for Biblical studies and virtually every category of science.

He was born in Colorado, raised in Florida, and is currently a resident of North Carolina with his wife and family.