King of Prussia Match-Making Service Is Helping Singles with Dating Expectations

Match-making service in King of Prussia, Philadelphia Singles, is helping local singles in Philly manage their dating expectations in the ever challenging dating world!


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- It’s no secret that everyone has an idea of their perfect partner. For women, it most often happens to be a tall handsome looking man, and for men, it is most often a good looking woman with the right curves and of average height. It’s not wrong for singles to want someone who looks great, but there are different views of beautiful and handsome. Everyone is looking to land the Hollywood sweetheart or that Hollywood heartthrob, but this hinders the chances of finding real love for many daters.

Fantasizing about an ideal partner is normal, and it can even be helpful in understanding what is wanted and needed in a relationship, but having unreasonable and unrealistic dating expectations can be very detrimental to one’s romantic life. The most common dating expectation the King of Prussia matchmaking team at Philadelphia Singles experiences is the refusal to date someone who isn’t a specific height or weight, which eliminates a large number of potential candidates on something so arbitrary and superficial. Of course those who are extremely fit would prefer to date someone who is also very fit and healthy; however, King of Prussia matchmakers know there should be a little give and take with dating expectations—and it’s their job to help clients refine those long laundry lists of expectations.

Another common dating expectation is only dating others based on money. Everyone wants to know the person they’re dating has a job and can live their own life, but demanding they make a certain amount of money isn’t the proper approach for finding a life partner. This type of demanding dating expectation limits the chances of getting to know really great people, people could be make them happy—regardless of income and assets. Although there are some relationship expectations that should be avoided, King of Prussia matchmakers know there are some expectations that are perfectly reasonable—and essential. How about compatibility, similar values and beliefs, and most importantly, similar life goals and relationship expectations.

Finding someone who is exciting, amusing, and enjoyable to be around is essential for a long and happy relationship, along with sharing some of the same views, hobbies, and interests—which Philadelphia Singles matchmakers work hard to achieve for their clients. Locals interested in finding compatible dates can contact the matchmaking team at Philadelphia Singles by calling (610) 200-8177 or visiting:

About Philadelphia Singles Matchmaking
With over 25 years of experience in the Philly matchmaking industry, their team of dating specialists is confident they can help clients find what they’re truly looking for in a life partner. The process is very personalized as the matchmakers take time to get to know each client in a one-to-one interview where they’ll get to know them, their interests, their preferences and what they’re looking for in a long lasting relationship—and they do everything in their power to find them someone who fits that criteria.

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