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Kingdom Espionage Announces KickStarter Funding Campaign

Kingdom Espionage, a new MMORPG, offers players a chance to support the game development and become a part of the game depending on the level of KickStarter support

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Cedar Falls, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- A new online video game, Kingdom Espionage, is bringing a level of play to online gaming that is rarely found in the world of Massively multi-player online role playing games (MMORPG). To do this, the company has launched to raise $54,000 for this project.

Kingdom Espionage is also offering an opportunity rarely found in the MMORPG world - a chance to be a part of the process and even appear in the game.

Game creator Ehrich Pakala said he decided to go with crowdfunding to give the people who play the game a chance to be a part of it.

“The greatest obstacle we face right now is not in the production of the game, but rather in the amount of 'polish' we can apply to it. As can be seen in our prototype, concept art, and feature list, we have a LOT that we've already done in terms of the core functions of the game,” he said.

In the game, Pakala and his creative team are setting a new standard in the MMORPG world.

“You’ve got to think in this one. You’ve got to watch because you never know who is going to stab you in the back, literally, to take what you have,” Mr. Pakala said. “Kingdom Espionage requires you to plan ahead and watch everything around you.”

As with all such games, a player starts on the bottom and has to work his way up. What sets Espionage apart is how a player advances.

“Your goal in Espionage is climb up the feudal ladder starting as a serf and working your way up to end up as a noble or a king. You do this by sabotaging other players and their castles while defending your own,” said Mr. Pakala. “My goal with this game is to give player a different experience than just running around killing monsters and gathering gold. In Espionage, you have to plan and plot and use strategy.

“Think of it as Tower Defense meets Tower Attacks in a real-time-strategy setting, but requiring FPS level flexibility and RPG level character development,” he wrote.

Espionage does have plenty of monsters that make RPGs so popular.

“Werewolves, HammerTusk Wolverine, Tank Ogres, dragon babies to teens, Runefairies and other creatures roam the Lysterian woods and are often tamed to provide protection to castles. Just remember, other players can also use these creatures,” he said.

As with all KickStarter projects, there are various incentives for the various levels of contributions.

Each $1 contributor will be thanked in a supporter list. At $15, a supporter will get a copy of the game. A $35 contribution gets the game and an Espionage handbook. At the $200 level, a contributor gets two game copies, several other items and two in-game advanced units for a head start over the competition. At the $350 and up level, a contributor starts to appear in the game.

The top level, $5,000, will see the contributor appear in-game as a character.

Espionage will be cross-platform for Mac, PC and Android. Mr. Pakala said he plans to introduce more levels and expansion packs for the game once Espionage takes off.

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