Kintech-Soft Explains What Is Landing Page Cloaking and Its Risks


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- Disclaimer: The content on this page is purely for educational purpose. We do not advise or promote any of the below mentioned techniques. Users are to tryout any information on their own risk. We won’t be liable for any mishap occurred.

Landing page cloaking is one of the many ways to enhance the technique to organize new affiliate marketing campaigns. Scripts, outsourcing and tools are used as to help in making big profits and to minimize the work. Many people do cloaking for several reasons and in many different ways. Several folks ask the same question of reason behind using Adwords cloaking. This is why we are going to discuss certain important reasons.

Let’s start with answering what is landing page cloaking: Cloaking is a technique that falls under blackhat SEO, in which the web content shown to the search engine spider is changed to the one shown in the user’s browser. This is possible by sending content built on the IP address or User-Agent HTTP title of the person requesting the page. And when the user is recognized as the search engine spider, the server-side script sends the changed web page version, the one that has content not seen on the visible page. The motto of cloaking is to trick search engines to show the page that won’t be displayed otherwise.

The basic purpose is to display groups of user a simulated landing page, offer page or other website, whilst the optimizers send all the users who are targeted at their ads off to the actual offer.

Everybody always wonders why anyone would want to set up cloaking for landing page and what is the actual use or whom are we trying to stop. The answer is simple: The users who are approving our ads.

Google being the number one search giant makes really impossible for us to obtain any affiliate link within. Now, we have to trick Google using Adwords cloaking by showing a nice logical advertising website, while in reality there is something different that someone want to show. Landing page cloaking is nothing but getting an advertisement approved that is not allowed by search engines and would result in getting the account banned upon using unsupportive ads. This is a pure blackhat technique.

Since, Facebook is the biggest social networking site attracting millions of people everyday, the landing page cloaking method is used even here as well. People usually prefer Facebook landing page cloaking to Google Adwords cloaking because tricking Google is almost impossible unless someone use highly advanced and highly pricey cloaking script.

Are There Any Risks in Adwords Cloaking?

Of course there are. Every technique used from blackhat has its own disadvantages and most of them results in getting the account banned. If anyone is caught cloaking, his or her Google Adword account will be terminated forever. If they have linked other ad accounts with the banned one then expect them to be terminated as well. Banning of Adwords account also depends on how hard they are tricking and in which places. If someone is caught with advertising adult dating websites or Acai flogs, then his/her name will be promoted to blacklist along with the credit card number, which is really cruel.

Performing cloaking also slows the loading time to jump on the tricked page or the landing page. There are also links redirects and database calls that result in slower load times.

Is It Worth To Risk?

Why not? If anyone is able to trick Google, it’s worth more than the risk. It helps in hiding the actual intention from the ad networks and even makes it simpler to obtain legal campaigns. There are known ace experts who earn 3x more than what common experts earn with the law-abiding method.

Performing Adwords cloaking with blackhat technique decorously, can give a lot of cash than ever. However, if a novice user is thinking of doing it, then it is not recommend using any of the blackhat techniques, whatsoever the reason is.

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