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Kinter Media Announces the Release of Dallas Short Film "Poolside" This Fall 2019

Limited Theatrical Play in Dallas, To Be Made Available on Amazon Prime and Video on Demand Distribution


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2019 -- Kinter Media takes immense pleasure in announcing the release of Dallas short film "Poolside" this fall 2019. Despite many hiccups, setbacks and the loss of the most essential pillars in the making, the production team announces the completion of the film. The team has lost Erik Schuessler, the co-director and writer to cancer. The news has been very unfortunate and the team takes this opportunity to pay homage to this great and talented individual.

"I think the idea behind Poolside aka Alone at the Pool is one that is very human. It is about existing in the moment and trying to survive every day even though much greater mechanisms exist around us" said Erik Schuessler. The film stars Anne Beyer, Giovannie Cruz and Oscar Seung. The film is about the 1950's high society woman struggling and trying to keep her sanity while she is isolated in her own pool. "The house represents existence and its different rooms hold different memories. I think audiences will have a unique experience through Meg and her journey of self-realization", shared Alex Kinter.

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About Poolside
Poolside AKA Alone at the Pool is an art house mid-century modern short film that revolves around a woman, how she tries to cope up with loss and finds sanity. The film is directed by Erik Schuessler & Alex Kinter. Original soundtrack by composer Darius Holbert. A Kinter Media & Brainfood Production in association with Food Dance Films & Access Media Productions.

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