Kipton Cronkite: Exceptional NYC Real Estate Professional with Flair for Design


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2016 -- Anyone searching for the perfect property in New York City who also has an eye for design and art should look no further than Kipton Cronkite, a licensed real estate agent.

A consummate professional who works closely and personally with every client, Cronkite has been matching discerning buyers with discrete sellers for years to create ideal real estate transactions. Cronkite offers a unique blend of New York City real estate expertise, negotiating skills, finance background, and an aesthetic discernment of design and art.

In addition to his deep understanding of the best properties in Manhattan and other locations, Cronkite is also a highly-regarded leader in the art world who is passionately dedicated to cultivating and exposing rising new artists globally. Kipton adeptly combines his real estate profession with his passion for art, specializing in helping clients find exceptional properties to highlight and accentuate any art collection or display of unique pieces. He deeply understands and communicates what can be done in a home visually to turn an ordinary room into an exceptional living experience.

Cronkite's passion for art and especially that of emerging artists, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and the realization that there were limited online avenues available where new artists could promote their art and gain exposure, drew him to the art world. Today Cronkite is widely recognized for being able to identify highly talented new artists and effectively guiding their careers.

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About Kipton Cronkite
Kipton Cronkite is an experienced and highly sought after real estate professional for any New York City real estate transaction. He also has a passion for the art world and identifying up-and-coming new talent. He integrates his passion for art with real estate, offering clients much more than simply a Realtor, rather a Realtor with exceptional vision of design and artistic flair. Cronkite is also dedicated to giving back to the art community, actively pursuing a variety of art related charitable projects and supporting many philanthropical causes.

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Contact: Kipton Cronkite
Address: 137 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212-337-6184, Mobile: 917-797-2689
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