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Kipton Quarry Announces Relaunch of Public Website

In an effort to keep up with the current trend of mobile computing and responsive web layouts, the Kipton Quarry has officially announced the launch of their new website that is fully compatible with smartphones and tablet PCs, along with several sales on sandstone from the Berea formation through the next several months.


Kipton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- With winter drawing near in Northeastern Ohio, the Kipton Quarry has announced the rerelease of its website to revitalize customer interest throughout the cold winter months. This release includes the implementation of a completely new responsive grid layout that automatically changes layout based on the size of the browser window. This will enable users with smartphones and tablet PCs to have a better user experience and take full advantage of the website functionality.

Historically, winter in Ohio has been a time for the sandstone quarry to slow down operations and reduce overall output to accommodate the decreased demand for sandstone products in the cold winter months. This year is different, and the quarry is dedicated to expanding its customer base over the winter months through strategic business initiatives and developing key alliances through digital media.

The first key business initiative is the redesign and launch of a new website. Most quarries and mines do not spend much energy or time on developing an online presence, and the Kipton Quarry sees this as a key discriminator that puts it ahead of the competition. By providing customers a place to voice their opinions and get involved in the community, the quarry stands to make an impression on first time shoppers looking to purchase sandstone for landscape or architectural applications.

Another important business directive set by the leadership of the company has been to declare new low prices and sales throughout the winter months. The current economic conditions are ideal for this type of incentive, and the intent is to leverage these lower prices to attract and engage with more customers throughout the slow winter months.

The website will be made live and publicly accessible on December 17, 2012. The incentives sales will be active throughout the month of February 2013. On February 28th, 2013, sandstone pricing will be reevaluated based on market conditions to determine if the sale can continue.

This is an exciting time for the mining and sandstone processing industries, and the Kipton Quarry is announcing these initiatives to help build interest over the winter months.

About The Kipton Quarry
The Kipton Quarry has been mined for sandstone from the Berea formation since the early 1900’s. Since its reopening around the year 1996, the quarry has been focused on the mining of sandstone block , the cutting of sandstone slabs , and the development of sandstone cores for the landscaping and petroleum research industries. The Kipton Quarry is committed to sustaining a strong online presence to engage with customers and clients through its website and social media channels. Contact the Kipton Quarry today, and ‘We Can Rock Your World!’

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