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Kirk James' Offers Tips on Opening and Managing Your Own Restaurant


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Opening a restaurant presents the techniques in which one can run a successful and profitable restaurant business. The true values of restaurant business need to be established at the time of purchasing a restaurant. Some pointless methods do get followed when dealing with how to manage a restaurant, such as calculating a business' true value but in practical world, it's of no use. These methods are usually suggested by those people who obviously never had owned a business. The very basic thing that matters at the time of buying a restaurant is the return it can give to the owner. This simply means that each year's net profit is to be multiplied by the number of years the said business is certain to run for. The net profit number must also be reduced accordingly in order to meet any unexpected capital expenditure during the period, like replacing equipment or flooring. One needs to remember that capital expenditure of a serious kind is required at a gap of every five years.

How much does it cost to open a restaurant has always been a point of debate over the years. Hospitality business is very different from other businesses. It can bleed the owner dry if left to run for a loss. Owners get themselves dangled in a downward debt spiral and lose everything- their assets, their sanity, their business, and their families as well. These days, restaurants open almost every day and researches show that almost 70% newly opened restaurant businesses fail in their very first two years of operation. One must consider themselves as the 'conductor' at the time of opening a restaurant and should be fine- tuning the profit- margins, driving profits and expanding markets. They should not be acting as a bulldozer, trying madly to run through every day work.

Certain things need to be followed during the initial period and that includes maximising their products' profits and securing the business niche, driving the sales and creating the base clientele, systemising everything, appointing right people at right job, fine tuning the profit margins, moving within the community, and travelling and exploring new things.

These are some of the essential ideas which the website speaks about. Considering these and more could be really beneficial for people who are on the verge of opening their own restaurants. Marketing ideas for restaurants at the website are pretty simple and inexpensive. Restaurant marketing ideas for the first week is going to happen only once and because of that, definite strategies need to be placed in order to harvest long term profits. The reason is that once the dust gets settled, this specific restaurant will turn out to be just another restaurant operating in the market. A customer database needs to be build at the very beginning that will be driving the restaurant in the long- run. A feeling of 'involvement' has to be there in order to make the customers feel at home.

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