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Kirkby Sonae Factory Fined £220,000 for Accidental Deaths


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2015 -- Sonae Industria (UK) and Valmet Ltd (formerly Metso Ltd) have been brought to justice following the accidental deaths of two employees at the factory in Kirkby, Merseyside. Liverpool Crown Court heard that Mr Elmer, 27 and Mr Bibby, 25 were carrying out maintenance on plant machinery on 7th December 2010, when the conveyor belt unexpectedly began to operate, pulling the men in. The untimely deaths could have been avoided had there been adequate procedures in place to ensure the safety of the employees and contractors on the site.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) carried out an investigation and found numerous failings at the factory, including a lack of training on how to isolate the power supply of dangerous machinery and failing to train and check the compliance of risk assessment procedures. Red flags were raised in 2013 when Valmet Ltd was prosecuted for failure to comply with Health and Safety regulations pertaining to risk assessment policy and procedure. They also failed to ensure adequate information and training for employees.

A spokesperson for the Accident Team said "This is such a tragedy and could have been avoided, had the correct risk assessments been made. The Health and Safety at Work Act has been enforced now for a number of years to ensure the safety of employees in all types of work. We hope that in light of this accident, companies will take a serious and considered approach to complying with Health & Safety procedures and strive to protect employees from potential danger."

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