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Kit Automation Announces New Products on Their Website


Cassino, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2016 -- As per one of the latest announcements made by the Italian automation company, Kit Automation customers will now be able to shop for some of their new products from their official website. Among the newly launched products include a control unit, underground motor and control board, radio receiver, flasher, amongst few others.

The company's spokesperson maintained, "With the addition of the new products we can now boast of a catalogue that can offer shoppers with an array of options and choices to complete their automation assembly kit."

He added, "The featured product on the list is the central CN3 BT control unit for 1 or 2 motors with 12-24 volts. Primarily meant for automatic gates in low voltage, this unit can be used for controlling any almost every kind of actuators available on the market today. Moreover, it has a large display through which every system control parameters are shown. Its other impressive features can be the built-in backup battery charger, managing double photocells, dual programmable inputs, control slowdowns, external antenna connection and obstacle detection."

According to the spokesperson, the company has always been striving very hard to provide clients with high quality products and equipments for gates and doors automations, lift chains and electronic barriers for parking lots. He reiterated, "The situation around us has become quite unpredictable. We never know what will happen the next moment and this has filled our minds with doubts. By automating the home from the outside and installing efficient automation kits, one can assure of safety and complete protection from outside forces."

Reliable reports suggest that Kit Automation has been around the business for more than four decades now. They offer kits that are quite easy to assemble and install. All of their products also come with a product guarantee of up to three years.

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It is an Italian manufacturer and seller of a wide range of do-it-yourself automation kits for automating gates, doors, as well as lift-chain systems, up barriers, and so on.

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