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Kitchen Garnishings Launches with Top 5 Countdowns of Espresso Machines and Griddles

Kitchen Garnishings regularly reviews kitchen products and has now their top five choices for two of the most essential kitchen accessories, espresso machines and electric griddles.


Plant City, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home, responsible for all the food preparation, the indulgences and the nourishment that keeps a family going, from growing children to hard working parents. Having the right equipment in the kitchen is something many people overlook, but can make all the difference to people’s quality of life. Kitchen Garnishings specializes in helping people come to the right decisions when buying kitchen accessories through detailed insights and independent reviews. The site has now published new Top Five countdowns of espresso machines and electric griddles.

Kitchen Garnishings has created a top five espresso machines countdown which includes a comprehensive buying guide, analyzing the contenders using the insights and priorities that will help users make the best decisions. These include the features, the unique selling points, the price, the brand and that important intangible- design.

Kitchen Garnishings has produced a similar buying guide and countdown for electric griddles, which can be used for anything from home teppanyaki to making pancakes without the wait. The guide talks about the many different styles offered by the major manufacturers together with their varying sizes and the all important plate thickness, which determines speed versus heat retention.

A spokesperson for Kitchen Garnishings explained, “Our top 5 Editor picks is the best way we’ve found to help people compare brands directly. Espresso machines are the fundamental element in creating so many coffees, and are a great way to save money in the long term by buying right, buying once, and getting better coffee at home than you can get from a chain. Equally, electric griddles open up the possibilities for home cuisine in so many ways that people can host events at home instead of paying money to a restaurant. Both these items represent affordable luxuries that can make staying in more exciting and importantly, far more affordable.”

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