Kitchen Remodeling Company Offers Tips for Getting the Most from the Home Makeover


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- When it comes time for a kitchen remodeling, a few pre-planning tips can make the process faster, easier and the final result the best it can be.

The pros at Kitchen 1 Remodeling say the first step is to eliminate wasted steps. Decide what is most used and what is most important in the kitchen. Things that are used most often, bowls, plates, flatware and so forth needs to be stored where they are easy to get to. Less used items can be stored in high cabinets.

Plan plenty of room to walk when remodeling a kitchen. The Kitchen 1 Remodeling crew will make sure the new kitchen has room to maneuver. Plant at least three feet of walking space everywhere. Cooking areas need at least four feet of moving space. If two cooks will be in the kitchen, four and a half feet is the minimum recommended space.

Kitchen islands are increasingly popular. Just make sure any cooking areas are well separated from dining areas.

Best Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

The Kitchen 1 Remodeling pros say proper counter space is a must. About a foot and a half of space to each side of a cooking area is generally the minimum recommended. Make sure the area around the microwave has a landing area because just-heated bowls can be hotter than expected.

What surprises a lot of people when remodeling a kitchen is the idea of making counter tops different heights? Shorter counters are great for placing cooked items so people can fill their plates. These shorter spaces are also excellent if children are in the home. They can learn to cook much faster when they can reach everything.

Slightly higher counter tops for adults are great for food preparation.

If the house does a lot of large-scale cooking, consider a swing-out tap for filling very large pots. When not in use, the tap folds up against the wall, neatly out of the way. It pulls out when needed.

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