Kitchen Supreme Launches Copper Mugs as Popularity of the Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Increases


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2017 -- The use of copper as a drinking vessel is nothing new as it has been used for more than thousands of years ranging from the Indian continent to the American colonists and further. In the '50s, the Moscow Mule Cocktail was created and as such, demanded its own copper cups to be served in!

Kitchen Supreme, a brand established in the USA that has been distributing their products via Amazon, has noticed the increased popularity of the copper Moscow mule mugs and decided to bring the product to their loyal customers.

While promising high-quality polishing and 100% Pure Solid Hammered Finish Copper topped with a coating which makes them highly resistant and durable, these Moscow mule cups are a great choice for improving the flavor of cocktails without leaving any aftertaste!

The Moscow Mule Cocktail became popular mainly because of its accessible ingredients as everyone could spare some vodka, lime and ginger ale in order to create this exquisite explosion of flavors and pour it in copper mule mugs for guests to enjoy!

About the Product
This 16oz, pure hammered copper set of mugs by Kitchen Supreme is not only a great way to drink the cocktails but it also makes for an excellent gift set.

Initially made to be sold separately, Frank Williams, the owner of Kitchen Supreme said he wanted to improve the experience and make this whole experience social. These being said, he created the Copper Mugs Set for two, thus allowing everyone the chance to share the moment with someone else!

The set contains the two copper mugs, two copper straws, a copper shot glass, two coasters and a small recipe book filled with great ideas for when in need of someone new! Distributed in a deluxe gift box, this set is an excellent idea to give as a gift as well, as everyone will appreciate the sleek, classy look as much as the incentive for a cocktail invitation!

About Kitchen Supreme
Kitchen Supreme was launched in 2013 as a small family business in the USA. Frank Williams, the owner, in an interview, discussed what makes his business tick and thrive day by day. His answer was both honest and shockingly simple. "In order to have a successful business," he said, "you will need to learn to listen to your customers and provide only the best support for them!"

His technique seemed to have worked as his small family business is becoming bigger by the day and enlarging its customer base constantly!

Their secret is not so hidden anymore, in order to make their customers happy, they just provide only quality products for sale and constantly improve their products to match higher standards.

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