Kitchen Supreme Produces Copper Mugs Set and Explains Why Drinking from Copper Is a Good Idea

Explains why Drinking From Copper is a Good Idea!


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2017 -- Kitchen Supreme is a brand that pays a lot of attention to the healthy implications their products usually bring to their customers. As a small family business, they understand the necessity for a healthy lifestyle and, in essence, they strive to provide their products to facilitate this process.

Thousands of years ago, people used to drink out of copper cups and that habit was slowly lost in the modern century. However, doctors suggest that drinking from a copper vessel may as well be the best decision to ever take!

The copper Moscow mule mugs can very well stimulate the digestion and the rhythmic contractions stomachs have, in turns, quickening the whole digestion process.

Drinking from copper cups can not only slow down aging but it can also help fight of free radicals, which is known to be the main reason why people develop fine wrinkles.

At the same time, consuming liquids from the Moscow mule mugs will help with the synthesis of the necessary substances for the sheath that covers the neurons to be formed. This in turn, results in a powerful brain stimulant and it also has anti-convulsive properties which cannot be ignored.

After considering the health implications that drinking from a copper vessel can have on the human body, Frank Williams, the owner of Kitchen Supreme, decided to bring the copper mugs for sale!

The Double Copper Mugs Set was launched this month by Kitchen Supreme and it includes two copper mugs along with two straws made of copper, two unique wooden coasters, a shot glass made of copper and a recipe book filled with interesting suggestions!

Made entirely out of pure solid copper, these mugs are the perfect excuse for a drink with close people or even the perfect idea for a present! The set comes in a deluxe gift box that looks both elegant and classy.

About Kitchen Supreme
Mainly a small family business, Kitchen Supreme has known a quick ascension these last years since its launch in 2013. They produce kitchen gadgets and distribute them via Amazon while making sure to provide ideal customer support.

Frank Williams, kitchen-utensil enthusiast himself, vows to bring nothing less than high quality products to his customers and his process is simple to begin with. His focus in on his customers and closely follows their feedback and tries to make sure at all times that he understands their needs and applies them for future production batches. This way, his products are constantly being enhanced to reach the standards his customers deserve!

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