Kitchen Supreme Receives Tea Recipe from Happy Customer


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2017 -- Kitchen Supreme, dedicated French coffee press provider has received an interesting review from a satisfied customer. This company works hard to maintain a high level of quality and to ensure that clients associate everything that has to do with Kitchen Supreme with professionalism. All services and products offered are of a high quality. Kitchen Supreme finds it a great victory to receive positive reviews from customers, as this confirms that efforts are indeed sustained by results. When customers are pleased with the purchase, the work of Kitchen Supreme is complete.

David Alan Marinelli is one of the happy customers that has surprised Kitchen Supreme with an interesting review. This customer has shared a personal tea recipe, mentioning that while the ingredients used are many, the aroma of the tea might not have been complete in the absence of the French press coffee maker. Tea, as well as French press coffee has a special, strong aroma, because essential oils are perfectly released.

The customer stated that: "A French press works great for straining. I use a triple screen model by Kitchen Supreme that I bought on Amazon, currently $27.84 with Amazon Prime".

The reason for which David Alan Marinelli has decided to share the recipe is rather simple. The customer explained his gesture, saying that considering the season, he felt the need "to pass along the recipe for an herb tea I developed last winter when I had a cold. I have made it available to my friends and consider your company among my friends."

Whatever the reasons was, Kitchen Supreme was more than delighted to receive such a review, as the gesture of customer enforced the idea that all efforts done are noticed and appreciated.

About The Kitchen Supreme Coffee Press
The Kitchen Supreme coffee press is a reliable product with a simple mechanism that works effectively. The French press is very simple to use and it is an appropriate gadget for both tea and coffee lovers. It comes with four filters that can be used together or removed according to the preferences of users. The coffee mug is made from heat resisting glass and it will not crack when hot water is poured over.

About Kitchen Supreme
Kitchen Supreme was founded in 2013 and it is a company based in US. It is currently operating on the ecommerce market, selling its products through dedicated websites such as All products are attentively verified and the Kitchen Supreme team makes sure that all units for sale are of a high quality, having no flaw. The customer service team is professional and highly responsive. Customers can feel free to ask all questions regarding the products.

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