Kitchen Supreme Supports the French Press in Coffee Debate


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2017 -- In America, in 2016, there were 170 million people drinking coffee on a regular basis. With such a surprising number of enthusiasts, it is only natural for debates to appear and they do so in a large number. One of the essential coffee questions is whether or not the French press is a gadget that can prepare a superior coffee, both in terms of taste and texture. While some might hurry to say that there are other gadgets by means of which you can enjoy the full coffee aroma, there are others that strongly support the use of the coffee press. Kitchen Supreme is among these strong supporters. The company offers further explanations as to why this is the case.

The French Press coffee maker is a simple and effective method through which everyone can prepare healthy coffee at home. What sets this gadget apart from others that have the same purpose is the fact that it allows coffee to settle. This is actually the detail that makes the difference. Frank Williams, Kitchen Supreme owner has taken on the task to explain why this is the case.

"We know that coffee has various essential oils which are not only healthy, but they are also responsible for the flavor of this beverage. When designing our product, we stayed faithful to the principle of the French press and the system used is one that releases all these essential oils in the coffee. That is why when you drink French Press coffee for the first time, you notice the difference in taste. That is actually the coffee aroma", stated Frank Williams, Kitchen Supreme owner.

When the coffee is left to steep, all these flavor mix and blend and in the end the consumer is offered a complete beverage that is not only strong, but it is also flavored. French press coffee manages to achieve perfection, as it takes the power of caffeine from the espresso and the aroma from regular coffee.

About The Kitchen Supreme French Press
The Kitchen Supreme French press is a dedicated gadget by means of which coffee lovers can prepare a strong, perfectly balanced cup of coffee which can be savored later on, throughout an entire day. This gadget is the perfect choice for tea lovers as well. The process of preparing beverages is the same and it is easy to master by all consumers. The package contains several items, all necessary in the coffee preparation process. The customer will be receiving a coffee scoop, four filters and a spoon with a lovely design.

About Kitchen Supreme
Founded in 2013 and based in the US, Kitchen Supreme is a small family business that is currently operating on the ecommerce field. Products are sold through reliable platforms. Kitchen Supreme focuses on customers and it is determined to obtain complete satisfaction. For this reason, this company offers professional customer services. The team is highly responsive and ready to face up to any challenge.

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