Kitchen Supreme Tells the Moscow Mule's Story


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2017 -- There is no good product without a story and the copper cups brought forward by Kitchen Supreme have quite the story. Some might perceived these mugs as beautiful, elegant decorative pieces, without realizing that these Moscow Mule cups mark a little bit of history. Perhaps that between the many events happen throughout history, the birth of a cocktail might not represent front page news. However, the Moscow Mule cocktail is not your regular Saturday night drink. This is more of a cultural cocktail, as in a single cup, you have three major influences.

Kitchen Supreme, trustworthy company part of the ecommerce domain has decided to spread the word about this incredible beverage that has surprised the world and still continues to shake it every once in a while.

Frank Williams mentioned that in his opinion sharing the Moscow Mule copper mug story was necessary, especially when you are selling the actual product. So, he decided to include it in the brochure found in the package, making thus sure that it would never be forgotten.

Kitchen Supreme tells the story of a mug that actually appeared out of an economical need. In the 1940s, the Cock'n Bull bar, British bar, located in Los Angeles, a cocktail was born for the pure need of selling more Ginger beer and for getting the world better acquainted with Vodka. Of course, one has to convince clients to order it and apart from having the starts of that time promote the beverage, one must create the perfect cup for it. This is how copper mule mugs found their well-deserved place in L.A. bars.

Kitchen Supreme has included the story in the elegant booklet received by customers together with the copper mug set.

The Moscow Mule Copper Mugs sold by Kitchen Supreme are of a high quality, being extremely time resistant. Being equipped with a special coating that prevents them from being ruined, the mugs are also beautifully designed. They have a hammered appearance, almost royal looking. Customer can enjoy both hot and cold drinks.

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