Kitchen Supreme Used for Cupcakes for the First Time! All Captured on Video


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2017 -- Kitchen Supreme, small family business, selling the spiralizer to interested customers, has recently had the pleasure of noticing that this kitchen gadget was used in the making of Ube cupcakes. This is all thanks to an active vlogger, who has decided to give the vegetable slicer a try, also posting a video of the recipe on a well-known online platform.

SugerCoder is a passionate cupcake maker that has been offering its followers a joy ride in the world of sweets, bringing forward easy to make cakes, including the famous macaroons. Videos demonstrate the recipe, while in the description that follows, SugarCoder offers the necessary ingredients.

With the Kitchen Supreme veggie spiralizer, this vlogger decided to make Ube cupcakes. While highly appreciated, few people have enjoyed this vegetable in sweets. Thanks to the kitchen gadget, the vegetable was easily cut into small pieces. Thus the dough was simpler to make. If cut in the traditional manner, the cupcakes might not have been fluffy, as they are supposed to.

Kitchen Supreme owner, Frank Williams mentioned that he is always thrilled to notice that the gadget has brought a smile on the face of its customers. However, the joy is even greater when noticing that customers have used their creativity and took the time to make interesting recipes using the vegetable pasta maker. Also, the owner's surprise is even greater when thinking that this is the first sweet recipe in which the Spiral slicer is used.

About Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer
Kitchen Supreme spiral slicer is a reliable product, used in the making of healthy and nourishing meals. It is a fast gadget that is also simple to use and clean. Because the blades of the Spiral Slicer are very sharp, it is recommended to use the brush, received in the package when wanting to clean the product. The same rule should be applied in the case of the peeler. Furthermore, the customer will receive a recipe book, offering various recommendations. Creativity is however encouraged, as one never knows what other recipes can be completed with this kitchen tool.

About Kitchen Supreme
Kitchen Supreme is a small family business, operating on the ecommerce field. Currently this company is selling three products. All are made with great care and top materials. The company focuses on offering customers a high level of quality and as a result, all feedback is considered and changes are made taking into account the opinions provided by customers. The staff is dedicated to its work and starting with the customer service to the assembly and verification departments, all services are professional.

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