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Kitchness Kitchen Products Announces New Facebook Page for Their Store


Arecibo, Puerto Rico -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2014 -- Kitchness announces new Facebook page for their world class product lineup. Current product on shelf is their 12” Silicone, heat resistant BBQ basting brush which is currently on sale for a limited time offer. Kitchness announced a special coupon code with a corresponding 10% discount for any purchase of this product, currently exclusively available only at Amazon. The coupon is for one-time use only and can also be used for bulk orders.

The Silicone Brush

This high grade 12 inch silicone basting brush retails at just $11.99 per piece and comes with a free shipping elsewhere in the USA for orders exceeding $35.

It is a handy tool for BBQ or oven cooking to avoid burning. It comes in a variety of colors from red to blue, orange, white and black to help users remember which brush is used for certain types of sauces. The white colored one is best for pastry use.

Unlike regular brushes, this silicone brush will not lose any bristles even with regular use and its stainless steel handler is both easy to remove for cleaning or replacement and strongly attached to the external brush. The handler has a saw-like head to keep the brush firmly attached. Silicone is also an extremely durable material that even when stored in the freezer or dishwasher, the bristles will never harden, curl up or fade in color.

Its food grade silicone has been both tested by SGS and LFGB to be free from any adhesives or harmful chemicals so it won't leave any unpleasant odors or flavors to any food on the grill or at the oven. The product is also non-toxic, non-stick and FDA approved.

And as most of its utilization is done over high heat, it is manufactured to be resistant in extreme temperatures even reaching 230C.

Social Media Integration

Ed Amazing Store, the people behind this product has finally opened their Facebook page just this September 14 to reach out more fans outside the Amazon platform where the product is currently available.

The page is dedicated to tips while using the brush for grilling or cooking in fry pan or oven and for general announcements of sale promotion and discounted coupons.

“We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to loyal buyers who have already tried our product since its initial launching last August. We promise to deliver not just the best product but also customer service finesse through our social media page,” says a representative from Ed Amazing Store.

They've also got raves from verified Amazon buyers like Nelson Rios who said “I like the bristles in black but I like the fact that I can chose other colors. I plan to buy one blue or red for my wife!”

Ed Amazing Store is slated to release more kitchen products and accessories in the future.

About Kitchness Silicone Brush
Made from FDA, SGS, and LGFB tested food grade silicone material, free from any toxic and adhesive chemicals, the Kitchness 12'' Silicone BBQ Basting brush is safe for general purpose use from baking to grilling and frying. It is super heat resistant and exceeds temperatures ranging from 40 to 230C. The product also comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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