Kiteboarding Equipment Market Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications 2018-2027


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2018 -- Rising Tribe of Adrenaline Junkies Boost Global Kiteboarding Equipment Market 

Considered an action sport, kiteboarding in which people are pulled by a large steerable kite having an harness tied around their bodies, is seeing numerous sports buffs engaging in it. This is because it is easier to learn compared to other water or wind sports, except for wakeboarding. The spurt in interest has spawned the kiteboarding equipment market. Some of the kiteboarding equipment include lines, kites, a device to control the kites, life jacket, harness, wetsuit, water suit, fins, leash, straps or bindings, and helmet. Such safety equipment is meant to make the job of the kiteboarder easy. 

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Myriad Health Benefits of Kiteboarding Catalyze Demand for Equipment

Kiteboarding equipment market is seeing steady growth because of the high degree of thrill the sport provides to those wanting an adrenaline rush. It also serves to reduce mental stress and bolster one's immune system. Such additional health benefits are also boding well for the kiteboarding equipment market. Besides, unlike surfboarding which is typically restricted to surf parks or oceans, kiteboarding can be done in lakes and rivers too. This has led to further popularity of the sports, particularly among the millennials who are not just seeking adventure but also a toned body. All these are stoking the kiteboarding equipment market.

Rising Accidents In Spite of Precautions Prove to be Disadvantages

Nevertheless sales of kiteboarding equipment is being hampered to a degree by the rising number of accidents. This is because, it is essentially a risky sport that can result in injuries or drowning. Besides, it could also have a negative impact on the environment. The wetsuits made of polyester and other kiteboarding equipment are produced from oil, petrol, and its derivative products. The production process also results in copious amounts of emissions of noxious fumes that damage the surrounding air quality. Disposing of old equipment is also a challenge since it is not biodegradable. Another factor dampening sales in the kiteboarding equipment market is the steep cost of equipment.

Despite such hiccups, the market will likely rise in the near future owing to both big brands and small players launching better products. Eco-friendly wetsuits is a rising trend which is expected to gain traction in the near future.

Long Coastlines and High Disposable Incomes of Denizens Make Australia and Western Europe Dominant Markets

The most developed kiteboarding equipment markets are Australia and Western Europe. Lengthy coastlines which are home to a copious number of hotspots for watersports, coupled with the presence of numerous manufacturers have filliped their markets majorly. For example, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa and France are major adventure water sports hubs. These places along with others also draw a host of tourists every year which is proving to be highly beneficial for the sales of kiteboarding equipment. Governments in these regions are seen promoting kiteboarding tourism, which is also having a positive impact on kiteboarding equipment market. High spending capacity of people in the regions are a plus point too. 

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Kiteboarding Equipment Market: Competitive Landscape

Golden Village, GoFoil, GoPro, Good Breeze Kiteboarding, Hana Kite, Griffin Kites, Hyperflex Wetsuits, Globe Kites, North Kiteboarding, Roberto Ricci Designs, F-One Kites, Litewave Designs, and Peter Lynn are some of the leading manufacturers of kiteboarding equipment across the world. They are seen banking upon product development and proper distribution strategies to expand their shares in the kiteboarding equipment market.