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Kitty Litter Could Be Replaced by Second Cycle

Second Cycle Recycling has produced a more pet friendly and absorbent non-chemical based product that pets and paws will love you for


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- UPTICK Newswire interviews CEO & President of Kleangas Energy Technologies Inc.(KGET) Mr. Bo Linton regarding the proceedings of their pellet facility and brand new facility geared mostly towards a new brand of pellets.

In the past six months KGET has started with brokering pellets to several large corporations in mainly Korea also including industries across Europe. By loading pellets into shipping containers in Gardena California the containers are then driven to the Port of Long Beach and from there shipped to Korea. The demand in this pellet industry has been escalating due to the high demand for a cleaner and healthier environment. This fluctuation in KGET’s production has been based toward the Korean coal fire plants/facilities. These facilities are shutting down and the new industries are opening using the pellets to fuel their factories instead of coal making the future cleaner and more efficient. This is good news for KGET because with supply and demand growing business can boom taking the direction for expanding with production and to reach new heights with a new line of product.

Second Cycle Recycling, a subsidiary of KGET, is looking forward to distributing their new pellet production onto the consumer’s shelves and getting a new product into the customer’s home. Based out in Kokomo Indiana, this production will be geared towards producing bedding and fluff pellets for animal bedding, bird bedding and cat littler made from recycled shredded paper and cardboard. Absolutely no chemicals or binding agents are incorporated into the product unlike other litter products that are hard, firm and can cause allergic reactions to pets. This is not a clay based product like the rest of the bedding agents out on the market, it is all recycled paper.

After working on a new kitty litter paper based product for close to a year and a half Mr. Don Willis, Executive Vice President of Kleangas, believes that, “Second Cycle Recycling has produced a more pet friendly and absorbent non-chemical based product that your pets and their paws will love you for.” After sending the finished product to Twin Labs for the safety product testing this new kitty litter is ready to be thrown into full production and will be up and ready to distribute by the beginning of 2015. This fluffy litter’s absorbency is a key factor to the success of its compound more so then the leading clay brands on the market. Its absorbency surface area has been tested against the leading brands of clay based products and shows a result of 3-10 times more absorbent consistency.

Once the standards of the bag design have been approved this product will be produced, bagged and distributed to the consumer’s shelves waiting for the customers to scoop the product off the shelf.

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