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Kiwi Plastic Surgery Releases Essential Information for Those Considering Procedures

Having the correct expectations is crucial to satisfaction when getting plastic surgery, reports Kiwi Plastic Surgery


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Kiwi Plastic Surgery today announced its informative site that makes it easier for visitors to determine whether or not they should go ahead and get a surgical procedure done for cosmetic reasons. Well-informed patients are much more likely to be satisfied, so most surgeons like to have people know exactly what they're getting into and what they should expect.

"In many cases, patient disappointment stems from unrealistic expectations. Someone who expects to come in looking average and exit looking like a movie star will be dismayed to find that reality doesn't work that way. A more common scenario along these lines is when people think that a radically new look will create a massive life change. Sorry, but it doesn't do that. Radical changes in outlook or life circumstance come from a different type of change than simple appearances," said Dr. Andrew Smith of Kiwi Plastic Surgery.

The new site is outstanding thanks to how straightforward it is about these facts. "Getting cosmetic surgery won't completely turn your life around, solve all of your romantic problems, or guarantee that you'll start succeeding in your career ..." it warns. However, it goes on to tell visitors all that cosmetic surgery can do, and as it turns out, it can do quite a lot.

"Plastic surgery is great for correcting problems that have bothered a person for years," Dr. Smith said. "If someone has always been bothered by a large nose or small chest, for example, surgery is a great option. Rhinoplasty can fix that nose and make it into something a person is glad to see in the mirror every day, and breast enhancement can eliminate a bothersome, flat-chested look."

Another thing that the site warns about is the issue of payment. It recommends patients to save up money in advance because insurance doesn't cover cosmetic procedures. "There are very rare instances in which plastic surgery is covered, and these are all situations in which a medical problem is averted by having a procedure done," said Dr. Smith. "Even so, that doesn't mean that plastic surgery is unaffordable. It simply means that it's a good idea to plan ahead."

About Kiwi Plastic Surgery
Kiwi Plastic Surgery is an Auckland-based cosmetic surgery clinic that believes in patient education and conscientious service. It does its best to ensure that patients have the right expectations before committing to a procedure so that satisfaction will be attained.