Klamath Oil & Gas LLC

Klamath Oil & Gas Enters 8th Year in Business

Minerals and Gas Experts Continue to Help Customers Buy and Sell Mineral Rights


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2016 -- The oil and gas industries have endured some up-and-down times in recent years. One might even refer to their price points as "fluid," pun intended. That lack of stability has many mineral interest owners unsure of their future. But where do they turn if they are looking for a way out? One company, based in Texas, has a ready solution. That company is Klamath Oil & Gas, a business that specializes in the leasing, and buying of mineral interests. They recently celebrated the beginning of their 8th year in business, a testament to their dedication to their customers both in Texas and all over the country.

Ultimately, there are numerous tax advantages to selling mineral rights, as well as extra benefits. With the rollercoaster-like history of the oil and gas industries, achieving financial freedom is a liberating experience – one that frees customers from the anxieties of the market. Klamath is actually known for giving a value on future earnings based on their projections of future oil prices. By following the output of gas and oil in this country, they are able to determine a great estimated value.

Klamath has made a name for itself in this industry by sticking to its principles of great customer service and satisfaction. They are known for going the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. Perhaps the best example of this occurs when a customer finds a better deal elsewhere. Klamath will maintain support and continue to give advice to ensure the transaction happens smoothly.

"At the end of the day, giving customers the one-on-one attention they deserve is what we are all about. We excel at making that personal, human connection that assures our clients and helps them know they are in good hands," explained General Manager Mark Benson.

About Klamath Oil & Gas
Since 2008, Klamath Oil & Gas has been helping people across the country with their mineral interests. From buying, selling and leasing these mineral rights, the team at Klamath is well versed in the industry. They pride themselves on their ability to develop a good rapport, build trust, and make customers feel comfortable in their decision making process.